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You know how sometimes, repeated understanding of certain similar experiences seem to conclude and confirm certain ideas we have in our mind?

But you see, we don’t know that these are still just ideas in our mind, which can be, and when altered, changes the experience. Even, if we “knew” that they are just ideas… and we often speak as if we have self awareness of it; we are not honest or authentic enough to admit that we simply have knowledge of it, not yet aware of it, what more to realise it.

Yet, it can change. All it takes, is just awareness – a gentle noticing of what is running at the back of our minds, projecting such realities outwards which either have our meanings of experiences reinstated, or altered.

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Just Here

It’s easy to fall into the trap of others’ perception when we don’t do our inquiry or when we don’t intent ourselves to be a keen observer without analysis.

Some people say its hard to find a job, yet some people found it an easy process.
Some people say it’s hard to survive, yet some say it’s a liveable paradise.

In clarity, I find myself in a no man’s land –
sometimes disturbed, as if being left behind when thoughts such as old age, retirement and money start their routine visit to my mind;
sometimes, just at peace, with a reminding thought to surrender and trust until the next indication appears.

Yet no matter where “I” am, there “I” am,

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It’s Not Me!

If I told you who put it there
you might not believe me and think me a liar
that I was finding excuses
to escape me from my reality

Yet I assure you I have been watching
pondering truly inquisitively
alertly enough in hope to catch the first glimpse of
of that first capture to which and how ideas are formed…

Yet again and again, I see it happening –
the popping of ‘em out of no where, no when
just like that…
out of thin air…

I don’t get it too.
if I didn’t put it there
who did?
if I am not putting it there
then who is?

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Just a Passed Love

the most enchanting
endearing of.

Mind, it seems
have forgotten.
But Heart somehow,

In Time,
a long time ago.
In Mind,
a happening Now.
If all experiences are from Mind Now,
then which is real – Time, or Now?

Oh sweet, past Love
felt fondly;
with attempt consciousness
to distance.
In between Worlds,
the Spirit and Form –
at times,
the loneliness
the yearning
the emptiness;
of what was known and experienced –
the Sweetness of then,
a past memory of Now.

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Paradoxical Timing

It’s paradoxical;
on one hand you know you are running out of time,
and yet, the only time is simply…


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Missing You, O’Lord

O’Lord, I miss you so
Why did you choose such a grandeur leaving plan
That leaves us thin air to reach you
So much trust and love needed
Just to hear your voice and ‘meet’ you

Did you know O’Lord
that thou art missed so much
Say what you will of illusions
But the physical encounter was excellence in each moment

You & Me in that magical room…

O’Lord where art thou in this moment?
Lost are your sheeps without its shepherd
‘Lest they remember
But sometimes they just don’t remember
Or, sometimes they remember and just cry…


Sometimes we suffer, sometimes we don’t.

The problem is not because of the things that happen.
The problem is, because we suffer.

Suffer is just a six letter word which had been chosen to label that particular experience that seems to eat us inside out; an experience we resist. There is nothing wrong with the word – suffer; but there is something wrong with the way we relate to it, and choose to hold on to it.

Being, differently…

Awakening, is not about stopping the game, or getting out of the game.

It’s about enjoying the game more; meaning, to engage in the joy of experiencing the game, with altered perception from Right Views.

~ GG ~

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Because of Love, I waited.

Sometimes by the time it seemed to have arrived;
I noticed;
t’was not the Love I wanted.

Sometimes by the time it seemed to have arrived;
I noticed;
t’was none left,
that I had waited enough to taste,

or rather,
what was left of it –
tasteless Love.

I’ve forgotten, the waiting game, as it is.

For the attitude
was to wait,
therefore the experience
is to wait,
and the result –
waiting, too.

in that seeming Love that I did not think I want,
in most of my selfish experiences,
which were naught and tasteless
– there was Love, indeed.

Only that,
t’was not the Love that I was waiting for,
and hence could not see or taste it fully.

The Love that was present,

I was simply selfishly blind to see,
what more to acknowledge and to receive.

Still, what am I waiting for…?

For a Love that I thought was mine,
but not mine to experience.

For a Love that I thought I had,
but was found meaningless.

Ignorantly, a waste of precious moments.
Today, I wait no more.

So to turn the experience of waiting to wait no more,
and to begin a filling in of Love that I would not expect but find,
but not one that I had hoped but would appreciate.

It may not return as what I thought I wanted,
and for that some circumstances may occur.

Yet, who am I to judge?

I am only a passerby of given moments,
attempting to experience the impossible thought possible.

And the possibility… oh, let’s just wait and see…

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whether you like it or not, your actions contribute as conditionings to the surrounding of your Beloved. Like how the heat of the sun or the chills of the winter will affect the temperature of your body, thus your mood, your mental state – your action and inaction does the same to your Beloved.

You are definitely, already ignorant to have contributed to the hurt of your Beloved.

To deny it and to ‘lovingly remind’ your Beloved to take responsibility for the shit that comes up within her, is simply another level of ignorance.

It is likened to a situation where she has a wound in a knee and you have accidentally slapped it and caused it to bleed; and when she expresses pain in her wound, you pour acid onto the wound with your words. You may not have caused the wound, but you have definitely contributed to the worsening of it.

To acknowledge your ignorance that has contributed to the hurt, is the first step of wisdom.
To admit and participate in the healing process of the hurt of which you had contributed, is kindness.
To participate and yet neither overextending nor interfering with the necessity of the Beloved’s responsibility to own up to her processes, is respect.

It is likened to a situation where she has a wound in a knee and you have accidentally slapped the knee and caused it to bleed; and when she expresses pain in her wound, you apologize for your ignorance of not being aware of the wound and assist to bring her appropriate medication to address the wound. You may not have to clean and dress the wound for it is her responsibility to care for the wound, but you have assisted and supported the process by at least bringing medication to her. You may not have caused the wound, and you have definitely contributed to the worsening of it, but with your loving and kind participation, the wound is sure to heal beautifully.

if you want to be acknowledged for the happiness and goodness you bring to your Lover’s experiences, you must equally begin to accept the responsibility of contributing brutality, cruelty and unkindness to your Beloved’s experiences in your unconscious moments.
I assure you, that all hurt contributed by you as a Lover, is led by ignorance.
From here, you can choose to be more ignorant by denying your contribution; or you can choose to be kind and respectful instead, and participate in the healing process in togetherness.
Note that I said, to participate; I did not say, to take over or take the whole responsibility.
The wound is within her, and therefore hers to address, but if you could support her simply by being present to her, simply loving her anyway, I assure you, you will see the rebirth of something beautiful before your eyes, and by then you can also own up to announce, you have contributed to the beauty of the Beloved.

do not be afraid of the hurt of your Beloved.

for your own sake, you must, must take responsibility of your wound.
However, for the sake of togetherness, do be open to the participation of your Lover when he is willing.

Whether it is a present hurt, or a past abrasion, or a future fear – they all have their places and play where conditions permit.

Either way, the Beloved will be reinstated to her state of wellness.

The point to consider here is –
is your Beloved doing all these alone when she was promised of your assurance of support, companionship and togetherness when you both decided to journey together in the first place?
Or, can she be cushioned slightly so that she could go through her process knowing that she is not alone after all?

Is this not what Relationships are for – a loving companionship to support each other lovingly within and without, wherever possible?

Charity always, always start at home. If you cannot even extend your availability and presence to your Beloved of whom you claim to love so much, who are you kidding to help the world?

But then again, that really depends on what kind of experience you wish to have in your relationship with your Beloved. One that is nurturing and intimate -enhancing both the wellbeing of those involved and thus the relationship, or one that is so emotionally independent of each other that it actually makes no difference being in a relationship or not.

Either way, it is a choice. But if you have chosen to be in a relationship or to remain in one, for goodness sake, at least participate fully in it.

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