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Life is just “.”, as in a dot. There is no “,” “/”  “?” “=” “+” “-“ “(   )” “;” “:” or even “&”. Sometimes, it can come as a “!”, as in a surprise, or an experience of awe or being marveled; but really, it is just “.”.

This “.” begins and ends, on its own. There is nothing to it, no continuance, no meaning. All the “,” “/” “?” “=” “+” “-“ “(   )” or even “&” just links the “.” into a “…”, thus a story of never ending drama, only with intervals of episodes in between; much like the advertisements in the middle of showtimes. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but we lose conscious that we are the ones who created it, and at the end get scared by it. Instead of a happy dream, we end up experiencing the moments as if they were nightmares and can’t wake ourselves out of it! It is indeed, horrors of horrors!!

And this was how it started – “.” “.” “.” “.” to “.,.” “.,.” “.,.” to “.,,,.” “.,,,?!,,.” “..,?!;:,,.” to “.,?/;:!=+,/.” to “…,,,?!?/!&=,,;:?/( ),,,;!!??,+,-,,,:,,,” with no more end to it due to our hanging on, until we call for a complete stop to the storyline; and that is too, dependant on whether we remember…  

Accepting every moment as it is, the storyline ceases. The moment can be of a second, a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a year, a century, up to the point of generations – it’s entirely up to us. But at any time that we wish, all we have to do is ask to be awaken unconditionally and slowly the journey brings us back to “.”

Just “.”

And the truth is, it is not even a “.”; it’s just

Happy dreams, blessed ones, happy dreams…

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