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Monthly Archive for November, 2010

Enjoying Guilt

The other day, my partner and I were contemplating on getting a divorce. Not that there is anything wrong with our marriage, or relationship for that matter; it just felt like a moving on phase and the purpose is not so much as to leave him or the family but more of just wanting to […]

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Beauty’s Way

Beauty’s way is simply and elegant. Everything happens in its own time and place. The river may overflow its banks or it may shrink to trickle. Seasons of draught and high water are inevitable. But sooner or later, the river will reach the sea. The outcome is certain. No matter how far we stray from […]

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Past Experiences Rule!

As I begin to become more present to people around me, I observe how past experiences dictate certain patterns in a person (myself included) and how that pattern makes them relate to themselves and to the world. Whilst this pattern only exists in one person, it can somehow affect the people around him and hence […]

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Love, as an Experience

The delusional state of a lover and a beloved is that, the lover who loves, loves while the beloved, loved. Although we technically understand that one who loves is one who is beloved, but this pattern is seldom experienced when one is only focused on loving and forgets to be loved, and the other focused […]

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The mind is the same anywhere, everywhere. No matter how we try to twist it, twig it, it is the same with everyone. But, how each individual addresses the mind creates his or her reality or rather, relationship with the mind. And it boils down to ideas, perceptions and being able to relate to the […]

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Much more to Integrity

Integrity is to mean the ability to stand true to our own space and be truthful to ourselves, without having to seek approval from others. It takes much courage and strength to take the first step the first time, and thereafter there is bound to be a second time and a third and a forth […]

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Taking that Step

Some months back, I was involved in a rushed project which had no money in it. Well, actually whatever that I do these days has not much financial rewards in it except that it fulfils my soul and brings me much, much joy. When my partner observed how busy and ‘stressed’ I was, he asked […]

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