Not a New Year, only Blessed New Moment

A new year always gives new hopes to some people.

There is always a kind of celebration for the ending of a current year and the welcoming of the New Year. And then there are new year resolutions made by many and some few who, after years and years of ‘failing’ to fulfil their new year resolutions realised that there is no point in having new year resolutions, hence decides that it is wiser not to have a new year resolution list. Has it become pointless because they don’t like thinking that they were failing themselves when they have not fulfilled or achieved their New Year resolutions, or have they simply realised that the New Year resolutions that they previously made were impossible to attain? The thing is, what is the New Year resolution for? To achieve, to improve, to commit, or to simply impress?

In truth, a new year is just a switch of numbers, an addition of 1 number to what has been agreed by the world what this year or rather the previous year was, which in this case, is 2010 thus making 2011 a new year. And a year comprises of 365 days, or 366 days, depending. Still, numbers and counting is required otherwise how would we know? And we sure are creative! We create calendars of all kinds for the ease of mind calculations. Isn’t that wonderful?

Today, I was listening to the radio and the DJ said, today is the last day of the year so let all thoughts of negativity lasts only until the end of today for tomorrow is a brand new year. Makes sense. But why end of today? Why even let it last that long? Just because it is the 31st of December? Why not make it an everyday affair, if not an every moment affair? As in, allowing any thoughts of negativity or any thoughts for that matter, to last only a moment and then let it go, because the next moment is a brand new moment? Why, even let them (the thoughts) last for a moment? Why not just let them pass as they come?

So what is the big deal about the New Year? If we are celebrating new year because it represents new hope or a new beginning, then if we were to take each moment as a new moment, wouldn’t we be celebrating every moment? And wouldn’t that make life itself a celebration already?

Isn’t it just another day? Another moment? It sounds like it is more of another meaning.

Yet, I wouldn’t argue that it is indeed a meaning that brings hope to many. And hope is similar to faith, or an aspiration; and these words do carry a positive connotation.

So let’s bless and enter into each moment – each new moment – with hope, faith, aspiration, trust and love, unconditionally.

Blessed New Moment, everyone.

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