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Mine Field

There is this mine field where I know lots of gold are buried underneath.

If I shun away from the mine field thinking that it’d be dangerous and that I’d die there, then I will totally deprive myself of the treasures that can be mine. If I am walking away from the field thinking that I’d just want to be peaceful then I’m just telling myself that I don’t want to be not peaceful and I don’t want what is not peaceful to me.

But what is the truth? The truth is I want the gold, I want what is mine and therefore I want what is not peaceful because therein it hides my gold, my treasure. Each discomfort I feel tells me the lies that I am still believing about myself and if I am walking away from it because I think I want peace, I’m also acknowledging within myself that I have no peace, hence wanting peace.

So I want what is not peaceful, what causes me discomfort because in that discomfort, I investigate the lie and bring that which has gone way off to the other end of the pendulum swing, back to its balance, back to where it is rightfully meant to be.

I like all that brings me discomposure because I will know what areas left I’m left to be healed, left to undo; to purify yet the remnants or the little left which I still secretly believe about myself.

So if you find me in a depression, be happy for me; for I’m going through the dark night willingly, carrying the torch of truth to shine light on the dark patches still remaining to be brought to dissipate. Rejoice with me that I am returning to innocence. Celebrate with me that I am freeing you from being my ancient scapegoat.

And then we’d party not all night long, not at a bar; but in Eternity, in the Sanctuary ā€“ Our Sanctuary ā€“ where there is no ‘you’ or ‘I’ in it.

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  1. hortuckloon says:

    Someone said the best tactic the ego done so far in delaying us is in forgetting. And your entry brings much freshness again to what many a times is forgotten. *

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