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Monthly Archive for January, 2011

Mine Field

There is this mine field where I know lots of gold are buried underneath. If I shun away from the mine field thinking that it’d be dangerous and that I’d die there, then I will totally deprive myself of the treasures that can be mine. If I am walking away from the field thinking that […]

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It is not I as in the body that I see in the mirror everyday that represents me as the creative being. My body itself is a creation by me and not me. Likewise I cannot say that anything I experience outside of me as in what I see, what I hear, is not of […]

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Ability to Receive and Give

What is the point of giving when what is given is not received? Hence, what is the difference of whom it is given, when it is you who have received? Would the information or sharing benefit you any less if it was not for you? But if you have been uplifted through the information or […]

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Ignorance or Wisdom

There are only two types of perceptions which one can subscribe to – ignorance or wisdom. We don’t like to think that we are ignorant. The good news is, it is not us which are ignorant. It is the perception which has ignorance in it that makes us look like it, or rather allows our […]

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An Act of Love

The problem is not the identity that we think we are. The problem is our attachment to the identity to which we think we are, and our inability to let go of that function of which we perceive is of the identity that we think we are, in order to take on another role to […]

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