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What I can recognise now
is a past realisation
a past wisdom
hence my present ignorance.

What I cannot recognise now
will be a future realisation
a future wisdom
so to speak
if realised
making it another future ignorance
never ending.

For that
I can never know
when there is wisdom
or when there is ignorance
only working with what is here for me
between the space of ignorance and wisdom
which is too
wisdom at one level.

If I am looking at something
recognising it as before
I can be sure
there is still ignorance
since I have not seen it differently
how they still look the same
until seen another way
I am still caught in ignorance.

Yet the moment I can realise it
wisdom has come to visit
in that instance
becomes quickly
a past wisdom
a present ignorance
once again.

If wisdom too
is fleeting much like ignorance
then perhaps
wisdom is not wisdom
but yet just another ignorance.

But if not for this ignorance
what wisdom is there to sow?
how the ‘need to be’ is incessantly happening
in each and every moment
yet is this not the gift of wisdom
which allows me to see?

Could it be true in such a case
that there’s no ignorance or wisdom
just a play of duo, or one, or none
simply a way of life.

To live ignorantly
is to live pretty hazardously
yet what’s wrong with that
only squeezed with hostilities
if that is bliss to you
who is there to judge?

To live wisely at the other end
with much poise and balance
yet what’s so right with that
only calm in spaciousness
would that be what you wish?

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