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The Immature Mind

The mind is pretty immature in itself, always wanting to lure its head towards anything to fulfil itself, forgetting that what it has right here, right now is perfect. It is always contacting something outside of itself through a thought, when believed to be real and thus as if permission is granted, goes forth scheming, manipulating to seek out what it wants. Even already with understanding that nothing outside can fulfil itself, it goes out anyway, to attempt its plan, permuting reality as it is. Such a strange, strange mind.

It is as if it has this very nature of liking to torture itself without ever considering the consequences. Yet when even it starts to consider the consequences, it begins to hold with resentment what it cannot have or fear to have and starts to look for loopholes to quietly sneak in from one lily pad to another when the perceived ‘predators’ are not around. It thinks that it is trying to escape from booby traps, not realising it, in itself is a booby trap, only waiting for the precise moment to be ticked off, and *BOOM!!* bursts out into flames.

Seldom is the mind in a wholesome state for a decent period of time, yet in unwholesome state, it is too perfect due to the fluctuating conditionings of the past to the present, save except when what it is, acted out, thrown to the world, only to have it echoed back to itself; much like a boomerang thrown out and returned back to the owner.

Then what about past learning, understandings and realisations? What turned out to be a revelation with freedom as its end can also turn out to be the very thing that bites you back when not addressed properly, when hung on to unconsciously from defiled intentions. Defiled intentions here do not mean anything bad or wrong, except for an error unseen, unknown propelling conditions that results in the consequences one experiences.

The cultivation and taming of the mind starts with understanding its nature – observing it as it is. At times, it comes with frustrations because the situation seems to be prolonged, yet the frustration is due to impatience of what one is experiencing and also with a defiled intention of wanting to get out of the experience. As the saying goes, ‘learning through experience’, but an experience experienced for the sake of enjoyment, you reap nothing out of it – except enjoyment and when not careful, the pleasure derived from the experience can lead to pain due to the yearning of the same experience hence trying to revive the very same experience of enjoyment. Such an experience too, can be of great learning grounds if and only if, one starts to mould the mind towards the path of learning. In these learning, the mind matures through observations, experiences and realisations.

As long as the immature mind runs, the game of suffering has to go on.

Until, it is seen through; again and again; in completion.

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