Undoing at the Level of the Mind

The other day as I was sharing some stories that I was experiencing in my space with a friend, she asked me why the need to create experiences such as the ones I shared with her for myself as in, what’s in it for me. I pondered a moment upon her questioning and it dawned on me at that moment, which surprises me too at the same time that the recreation of experiences was to tell me where I am at mind level, or more rightfully, where the mind is.

Already understanding and realising that everything is in the mind and of the mind, it would be wise to work with the mind, rather than to address anything outside of it. Some time ago, I was sharing with a beloved that the only reason why I would still go to a fortune teller or a psychic is merely to know what is in store for the future as in projected into the future based on the existing ideas in the mind. The session of fortune telling so to speak is more of an opportunity for me to investigate, surrender, forgive, realise or whatever you may choose to call it on areas at the level of the mind for the purpose of undoing.

Having said that, it is not a purposeful or a conscious intent to recreate experiences so as to trigger and test as that itself is like sitting for an exam already knowing the answer. I’d say that most experiences that comes with life lessons which I had gone through earlier were recreated at a pretty unconscious level though the patterns of the mind are predictable by now. And this is not only happening within this lifetime but throughout many, many past lives having put us back here again and again. Yet, with awareness and the habitual motion kicking in to clear whatever ideas that is in the mind, it is natural that even if the storyline was to repeat itself, the experience of the storyline itself is different. With constant practice, any ancient deep seeded pattern can be broken.

I remember sharing with some friends on the subject of nudity and nakedness. Although there was a knowing and surety that it was ok for me, yet to fully experience it in a somewhat open space in the presence of others during my trip overseas recently was another thing altogether. Another of a dear lesson of mine which is abandonment has also significantly reduced and each time I experience that whether it is in a form of storyline or a sudden visit with no storyline, it tells me what I am.

Now, of course I am not saying that it is wise to purposefully trigger myself or others as that is totally inhumane at least in my perception. If I knew that someone would be triggered by my saying or doing something, then I don’t act on it out of sheer compassion, which is too another level of wisdom though when a call of integrity comes in, I am asked to only honour myself. Yet, at the level of the mind, when it is done with a wise and appropriate intent, it will not be astonishing to witness that no one actually gets hurt because all that is out there is merely a projection of what is inner. Some people call that, a miracle.

Where I am heading is more of allowing experiences to unfold by itself and constantly, constantly bringing our attention inwards to work with what is already here. And I am too, not saying that I purposefully go to a fortune teller or a psychic just to dig my own grave. It is a fun thing to do, really… the whole experience of it all, but upon listening to what is being told – what do we choose from there? Again, it is not about ‘doing’ something in form, but to address the level of the mind.  

I cannot really undo what is in the mind for the purpose of living a happy dream for a happy dream is already an effect arising from appropriate conditionings. Yet, a happy dream can turn into a nightmare if remnant ideas are not being addressed and being shoved aside just because it doesn’t really hurt that much anymore. I watched a movie some weeks ago ‘World Invasion’ where at the ending scene, the lead casts chose to go back into the battlefield to clear off the remnants of the aliens remaining of Earth after already destroying the main controlling unit of the invasion of aliens. It was truly an inspired scene that seems to tell me that we leave no remnants in the mind. It is like going into the remaining 5% of the mind to clean it up. Of course, I am just being optimistic here by saying that it is only ‘5%’.

The mind is indeed a tool, and we experience life through it. The other day, another loved one asked me, “G, how did we come to this stage where there is this whole lot of rubbish in the mind?” Obviously, it was because we did not know better or to put it shrewdly, it is because of ignorance. Of course, I am not saying that everyone is living a miserable life, or rather story. But it becomes an interesting journey to go through experiences with much freedom, peace and wisdom rather than allowing old patterns of the mind rerun the whole entire show.

Undoing here means surrendering, forgiving, and realising the errors not recognised before. Although it is indeed a simple process; still it remains a process that requires much sincerity, honesty and willingness.

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