Like the Little Blue Smurfs

Much like a program
which knows it is a program;
I am like the little blue Smurf
created by the Master.

Walking aimlessly, directionlessly, purposelessly
until a ground is planted by the Master.

That too I would have nothing to do
until He decides He wishes to plant a crop or two;
and hurriedly I will be directed to the ground
to water and mend the crops
until it is fully grown
then I am back to that walking around
aimlessly, directionlessly and purposelessly once again.

Sometimes directions come from Papa Smurf
and his directions come from Master too;
to plant this, to build that or to mend a thing or two
and then I’d be directed once again
to plant, to build or to mend a thing or two
until it is finally done.

Sometimes I get to be Papa Smurf
and it depends how much work I’ve done
or sometimes I am just Brainy, Handy or even pretty Smurfette;
apparently putting to task my best skills called upon
and then I’d walk around again
aimlessly, directionlessly, purposelessly nonetheless.

At times we ask why we do this or that
just to reason why certain things be done
Papa Smurf explains that Gargamel wants a piece of us
or probably plan to tear down our village
it is very strange to me
yet I don’t really question
why we bother building our little village in the first place
with the baker’s, miner’s, bungalows and sorts
and defend it with this or that.

I can never understand, you see
because I am just a little blue Smurf
walking up and down
aimlessly, directionlessly, purposelessly
seemingly just to complete some story.

*dedicated to the players of the Smurfs game on iPods, iPhones & iPads; and yes, I am one of them too ;p

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