Connected to God

One day,

“Mommi, what is a ‘church’?”

“Oh, a ‘church’ is a place where people go to pray to God.”

“But why, mommi?”

“To connect to God.”

“But they are already connected to God.”

“Yeah, you are right, but they don’t know that; that is why they have to go to church to do it.”

Two days later, while mommi was lighting up some essence and clamped her hands together in front of the altar,

“Mommi, what are you doing?”

“I am connecting to God.”

“But mommi, you are already connected to God. You are just pretending, right?”

Mommi laughs,

“Yes precious, you are right. We are all just pretending.”

~ just a mother-daughter conversation; which is so true, yet not so true. ~

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