Precious Time with the Beloved

time with the Beloved
so precious
yet thoughts of the future come
and sets the heart a weary
the future projection
from what is of past pain
happening now
making time with the Beloved
obscured, not within reach
even with the Beloved standing
right here and now
in sight

surfacing emotions of
disappointments, upsetness
historic memories
pains, aches
moving somehow
mentally, emotionally
sometimes even physically
away from the Beloved
as if
the Beloved has gone away
when in fact
it is the Beloved whom has left
left the moment with the Beloved
right here and now
totally blinded
by shades of past and future
travelling in some non-existential boulevard
on Its own
somewhere far, far away
from the Beloved
in sight

in quietly noticing
not murmuring a word
both past and future
all happening already
the true Beloved
right here and now
a sudden vanish of senseless prediction
the lips curve in naturalness
as if delighted
smiling within the Beloved
and then smiling outwards at the Beloved
The Beloved & Its Beloved
projecting onto the Beloved and onto Itself
and suddenly
It sees
for the countless
meeting the Beloved once again
there in sight
for the very first time, yet again
always, always refreshing
always, always anew
right here and now

feeling the lips of the Beloved
touching the face of the Beloved
caressing the body of the Beloved
stroking the hands and fingers of the Beloved
kissing the feet and toes of the Beloved
as Its own
meeting Itself
as Itself
within forms
as forms
yet not really

time with the Beloved
so, so precious


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