Refining the Subtle

You came in a package
Fortunately and unfortunately
For that
My world has been spinning
Unable to determine
The subtle intent of integrity or not
Not that either is wrong
But the difference is
One is for me and me only
And the other is for me with another though ironically also for me
Yet the latter potentially taints the wholesome intent
And for that action is usually delayed
Or sometimes, for a matter of fact
No action at all taken.

And soon the wholesome passion turns dull
Of what was inspired became a waiting or worst, howling game
Not only for me but the whole darn world
Making me a ding-dong bell
Ringing loudly yet deafly unheard.

Sing, sang, sung
If that is what I am preaching
That is what I live
Again and again
The challenge within sounds
The quiet yet noisy mouse
Rattling like a poisonous snake
Hissing at the probable.

Yet could I say it is all you
Since you came in a package
Oh no no no, baby, never you
For this is all about me
My honesty to myself
To reign above
And stay spot on to what is true.

So please forgive me if I seem naive
Probably causing you a little of that misery
Mirroring my own disgrace and shame
But yet what has to be done has to be done
It is done anyway
The knock was just too hard
To sync the be and do.

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