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Monthly Archive for October, 2011

The Surrendered Dance

Stripped off all garments in total surrender no longer movement owned but beded by a greater force a motion of non-controlled the arms lifting in sync as the toes and feet balance in momentum taking turns aligning in harmony the swirl the twirl the whirl round and round as the drive chaperons its direction the […]

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I recognise where you are now mirroring the contrast of where I am yet I do not, like before smile for I noticed that it irks you more. So I listen openly and available to what you have to express now acknowledging fully where you are coming from and the arising of your mental state. […]

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Refining the Subtle

You came in a package Fortunately and unfortunately For that My world has been spinning Unable to determine The subtle intent of integrity or not Not that either is wrong But the difference is One is for me and me only And the other is for me with another though ironically also for me Yet […]

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Prison Rupture

Madness!! Keeping insane promises tied from unremembered past just because of an instant of confusion a moment of unconsciousness. And now talk about awakening, being awaken!! Oops, perhaps not so lofty… Probably just – being conscious yet holding on and proposing excuses of concepts, precepts, timing, whatever!! Propelling the matrix tighter and tighter even tighter […]

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Our Innocence

If I am not seeing innocence in you surely is it I who is ignorant since I am the one labelling you as ignorant. Although I may not withhold hang on or defend what I am about to share with you but that does not mean Wisdom is full at this moment which is obviously […]

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