Come to me, my Love

“So this is the adventure I propose to you. I want every thought and every feeling, every hope and every dream, every fear and every pain. I want them all. I will put them in my pot and pour in spices from the East. I will stir them with my will, and add my love and prayers for you. Later you will dine with me and the food you eat will make you strong. Your shallow self will cook away, in the depth you carry in you. Bring to me your hunger, and I will feed you from my womanself. Bring to me your yearning, for I am big enough to meet you there. I bring with me a spirit who will dwell with us forever. It will make our love an enchanted place, and we will become who we truly are. Now come up to the wall with me, and the wall will disappear, my love. The wall will disappear.” 

~ above being an excerpt from Enchanted Love by Marianne Williamson
the below being an inquiry from MA ~

It is inspiring when the I is from “God” and from oneself to oneself.

It’s another meaning if God and oneself is omitted.

Hmm, I wonder why the discretion?

Isn’t I = God

Isn’t I = Oneself

Isn’t I = YOU

*appreciating MA for the generous sharing of your insights*

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