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Letting Go

Letting Go is a timeless process.

When you “try” to let go, you are increasing resistance to what is thus propelling exactly what you are resisting.

When you “don’t” let go, you go into depression of what is thus also propelling exactly the same reality again, and again.

How about just simply be with what is, acknowledging what is already here and choosing again to love yourself in whatever state you are in?

If understanding of the cause or situation is absent, that is ok too… for patience is always a virtue, especially with oneself.

For those in the process of “letting go”, know that you are never ever alone…

~ GG ~

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  1. avanish says:

    Yes very truly said, our attitude will change if we notice the reality instead of giving meaning from concept we learnt in past.
    However process of doing or practising is not bed of roses.

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