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Fading Shadow

image credit to tedhelard.blogspot.com

image credit to tedhelard.blogspot.com

I was,
like still water;
undisturbed, unperturbed.

You were,
like a sudden pebble tossed into water
causing continuous ripples upon tranquillity.

A movement initiated
for the loving quest for Truth
oh, what a sweet endeavour
surrounded also, by enduring Love.

Healing and humour
all wrapped up in bundles
perpetual releases following forgiveness
clearing baggages – can it be otherwise?
at the end, light and free
with clarity heeding way.

I pointed, you looked.
You spoke, I looked.
Both finally revealed; how we chuckled at the end.

Indeed a splendour completion
in each of its process
moving on weightlessly
in graceful generosity.

Honoured, I am
to have been chosen selectively
a comrade, a buddy
no more, no less.

Yet, strangely a fading shadow I shall be
almost gone unnoticed
perhaps someday forgotten
for a task completed, a role no longer needed.

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