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Monthly Archive for April, 2021

It’s in the Heart

Let’s use our hearts to see and hear each other, we meet better there.

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For You

Do it for yourself. Does it entail what comes naturally true to you? Or an idea of what it should be? How do you know, if what comes naturally true to you, is truly nature calling, and not an idea?

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Big Deal

You know you have already arrived somewhere, when a big deal becomes no big deal.

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Part of the Elephant

Incomplete information doesn’t make it wrong. Incomplete information becomes wrong when there is a conclusion to it. Yet, to conclude it is merely an error; not wrong; just a mistake in judgement. For the sake of language understanding and my own entertainment, I have taken the liberty to research the difference between the words Wrong, […]

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God of Relationship

Marriage only defines the legal status of a relationship in a society, but not the nature or conditions of the relationship. The nature and conditions of the relationship is defined by the couple, whether they are aware of it, or not. In other words, both of you are the God of the Relationship. Yet, in […]

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What If & What Is

There is no what if, just what is. have you ever wondered of the possibilities of what could be now? the different possibilities of now could only come to be from the different possible choices that could have been made in the past; and we all know, past decisions cannot be reversed. perhaps, you have […]

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