The One Solution

There is no one-size-fit-all solution in the dream; Yet, the only one-size-fit-all solution to get out of the dream is the Acceptance of God’s Love & the Acceptance of ourselves as the Blessed Son of God. ~ GG ~

Only you & Me

They appear because you cannot hear Me.You appear because they cannot hear Me. At times, when you do hear Me, when they do hear Me,but can’t quite make out what I speak…these times, I direct them to you, I direct you to them – so that through them, you can hear Me,so that through you,…

Myriad Forms of the Same

Abandonment. Betrayal. Distrusting. Guilt. Denial. Jealousy. Possessive. Controlling. Resistance. Unforgiving. Repression. Oppression. Defence. Attack. Resentful. Fearful. Anxiousness. Suspicion. Hopelessness. Boredom. Defiance. Dishonesty. Inauthenticity. Closed-mindedness. And etc. It doesn’t matter what name you call it. Separation, is separation.

For You

Do it for yourself. Does it entail what comes naturally true to you? Or an idea of what it should be? How do you know, if what comes naturally true to you, is truly nature calling, and not an idea?