2012, April 1 ~ Baba&umie

You were a stranger,
so far-fetched whilst in a body.

When the world mourn of Your apparent departure,
I still could not make out of what You are.

Until the moment came when the heart starts to yearn a little
of what is supposedly left of You,
suddenly it all made sense
why I had not earlier recognized You.

The other day we sat in silence
as One, finally;
though oblivious to the Oneness,
I tried my best to strike a conversation with You,
you know… to make the best out of our togetherness.

Strangely I knew it was just me chatting up with me
while You kept silent,
which made me wonder
if You were ever going to show up.

And then I realized how Purity is me
that I did not want anything from You,
except to just be here
with You, in and as Presence of umie.

That’s when You had touched me
in essence
in heart
where it was felt…

That sweet tight embrace You warmly gifted me
through another form which too, is You;
I will never ever forget
what You would have me understood,
in the beauty of that communion, beyond word.

Beloved BB, You are in my heart,
and now I understand more
how You have never left,
that all I need is to recall
and to realize that I am umie
in and always ~ blessed is umie.

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