Preceeding Entries

The Yearn for Unconditional Love



The Letting Go in Atonement

Knowing to Trust

To Surrender Means…

What Matters

What’s In the Heart

For You

Big Deal

Part of the Elephant

God of Relationship

What If & What Is

Proof to Nothing

Telling Apart – is it?


Just Here

It’s Not Me!

Just a Passed Love

Paradoxical Thinking

Missing You, O’Lord


Being, differently…


Participating in the Beloved’s Wound

Love Unconditionally


The Wrong World

Touching Base to Expand

The Honour Within

A Note to Kakak

Elevated Anatomy

Tell Me, Already

Here, Now & Available

Recollecting Freedom

A Prayer for Innocence

In remembrance of a moment at MIMO, 2014

Fading Shadow

A Dance with Light

Going By


Relurking Opening

The Flowering of Love

Forgotten Gods

Walking where


In letting go… of Puzzle @ BKG43

Having & Receiving

Conditioned Peace

Generous Understanding


Knowing & Experiencing

For There or For Here

Empty Pond

It is still a thought.

Ripples & Back

Mannerism of Teachings & What Draws


Teacher’s Day

By the Edge

Only a Child

Haunting Eclipse

Stop a Moment, for Clarity

Simple Loving

Inquiry into Thoughts

Deconceptualizing Further 

Emotional & Sexual Betrayal

Get Movin’

Conditional Goals

Row Your Boat

Internal Attention 

Mirage of A Question


Simply Confused

The Land of the Dreamer

Shameless, for the Fishes

The Illusion of Choice

not easy?

The God Within

Made of

Save Yourself

The Extra Degree to Everything

Your Choice, Within

Living Memory

Ushering Acceptance in the Year Ahead – 2013

Christ & Anti-Christ

A True Master

My Dreamy La-La World

The Drawing Well

Convening Point

Meeting One’s Own

Field Of… 

Clear Grey

Better Me ~ A Song from Oneself to Oneself…


Being beyond Meanings

Gratitude VS Indebtedness

‘Re-Run’ Now

Simply a Doorway

It is Your Gift

If You Only Knew

4th July 2012

Birthday – Your Forgotten Song

Clear Reality

To be loved, is to be Love



One Knows One

Letting Go


Appreciating the Cha-Ching

Coming Home

New, or Not?


Best Decision

A remembrance of the Unconditional Sun

Whose Awareness?

No Reason Not to Be… A Miracle

Visibility in Relationships

What is being Wasted?

Revealing Being

Catch Me!

Permanently Impermanent

Dead Beloveds

Natural & Unnatural Emotions

The Time is Now

The Children of the World



A Good Mom, or not?

Complex Simplicity Vs Simple Complexity

Lunar New Year (2012)

Perception vs Reality

An Additional Ingredient

MYOB II (for P. MA)

Now ~ 2012


The Tao

Grown-Up Christmas List

shameful, and over!

No 2

The Bugger

The Ps

Stretched Winter

Perfect Now

Neverchanging Innate Self

Ended Wait

Hoping for Change

Come to Me, my Love

Neverending Needs


Those are not fighting words, dear…

Influencing & teaching another

For Good ~ my deepest Gratitude…


Two Steps Behind (actually, nearer than that…)

The Reader

Communication as Communion

The tunnel & the Light

Self Love

a blessing, or a curse?

Have you seen the inside?

Self Loath to Self Realisation

What the world echos back…

Only believing…

Do I need to tell you, save for…?

Of Choices

my silent misery realised; your Inherited Innocence restored

The Blessed Lunatic

The Grudge

only one me

there is here

The Arising & Absence of Thought

The Invitation to Be One, Regardless


Who & What You Are

The Vakil of Bokhara

The Surrendered Dance

When You are Unconscious

Refining the Subtle

Prison Rupture

Our Innocence

‘When we…’

Keeping the Beloved

The Love & Loved

Loving the Unconscious Ones

whose poverty?

Breaking Dawn, Once More

The Funeral

Words Spoken

Voice of Feeling(s)

Two Choices: Accept or Change

Winds of Change


Apply, Practise & Live It!

Get It Right

Recipe of I

The Journey of Awakening


Freedom ~ As It Is

1,001 (and more) thoughts

Becoming Your Wrong Decisions

Staying Present

Passing Loneliness

Letting Go & Growing up

Love Nothing & Everything

Love Me and You anyway

Just Me

Bouncing Reflection

The Face You See

Precious Time with the Beloved

Committed Wait

Arrived, or Not

A Completion, or A Beginning…?

Free In or Free From… Trapped Illusion

Cleaning Up the little bit more

Love Wisdom, finally in Action

Communicating after Learning

Dark Night – La De Dum

When It Comes


Oppressed Expression

Connected to God

Tell a New Story

Love & Fear

Not the Problem


Your Choice

The Incessant Relationship

To Have or Not Have when You are That

Is it I?

Fundamental Honesty

Lose it?

Free Your Mind, En Vogue

Like the Little Blue Smurfs

Which is Which?

Understanding Suffering

Word Barrier

Dissolving “I”

A Little Differently, this time…

No Longer Need for Words

How One Becomes Perfect – documented in the Bhagavad Gita

If there is no getting away from…

Need Anything?

Opening Up Your World of Views

You are My Sister


Be Who You Must Be

Expecting to be Recognised

The Divorce

Watching the Phenomena

Blind to the Goddess

Do You Recognise Me?

Reviving a Deadened Passion

The Mirror as the Same

Obedient Wives Club

Listen, Listen

The Wise Old Spirit turned Damsel in Distress


Me & ‘You’

Fury of Passion

Passing Uncertainty

Employing Relationships for Salvation (Part III)

Return of an Old Friend


Price Tag

Work with What is Here

The Hidden Mother

Differing Perspectives


I Love You More

Realised, Finally!

The Devil

The Secret

The Way

Employing Relationships for Salvation (Part II)

Refrain, Restrain, Abstain, Control…

Sensible Sight

Normal Life

Why I Share

The Law

Wash, Wash


Employing Relationship for Salvation (Part I)


Recognising Me

Echoing Essence

Cycle of Creation

Collective Evidences

Hardy Lessons

Undoing at the Level of the Mind

Meditation, as a Way of Life

The Heart of Wisdom

Stilled Passion

Spirit in Love

Unique Path

Short, Sweet Love Stories

Description of Love

The Inner Voice

Beauty at Home

A Case of Every Crying Heart

Where It Came From

Relinquishing The Ego in Relationships

Living the Miracle

A Little More…

Not a Twist of Fate

The Immature Mind

The Awakening Mirage

The Magic of Touch

An ASS of U n ME

Do I Know You?

Cycles of “I”


What an “I”!!

The Midpoint

Run by Perceptions

Returning to Peace

The Silent Witness

Losing Idols

You Bring In What You Allow

More to Unravel

The soul of good in things evil

The Lingering Illusion

Finding Your Own

One and Only You

Dealing with Inadequacy


The Fan, and the Hand who holds the Fan

Ego Blocks to Abundance

A Tribute to Great Masters

Beauty in Vulnerability

Rising Up from Disbelieve

A Loving Bitch

Footprints in the Sand

No Shouting

The Evolution of the Mind

Better to be Asleep

The Best Entertainment

Loving You is not A Choice

Either Witnessing or You are It

Finding Home


The Child

Dream Roles

Where do we go from here?

Illusionary Relationships

Approval from the Form or Formless

Clear & Unclear Mind



Spiritual Companionship

Secret Conditions

It’s a New Life

What you wish, is what you get


What is in the Mind?

One Last Cry

Of Meditation & Retreats

Need to Become


The Meeting Place

Mine Field


Ignorance or Wisdom

An Act of Love

Not a New Year, only Blessed New Moment

Awareness is not Experience


Existential Meanings

Right View, Wrong View

Instead of Battling, why not Understand?

Illusion as Reality

Emotion is never about someone else

Disturbed, only by Thoughts

Taming the Monkey

See, clearly…

Only one Mistake, thus Only one Correction

Revealing the Open Secret

Cause in Me, World as Effect

What is the Body?

An Open Secret

Unconditional Loving

Acceptance Prayer

Are we in love, or in need?

The Master, or the Servant

Differing Mental States

Forgiveness, the genuine way

Meaningless Meaningful Values


Letting Go of Old Idea

Pleasure and Pain

The World

“I” and “You” in Love

Intricacy & Simplicity

From a Student to a Teacher

Enjoying Guilt

Beauty’s Way

Past Experiences Rule!

Love, as an Experience

Sparring Error – Approaching a Spiritual Partnership

Much more to Integrity

Taking the Step

Being Direct


The Happy Dream

Compassion for Self

Supporting or Spoiling You

Recognizing the Light

Living for Me Only

Setting a Limit to sit with Emotions – How Long

I am Special

Impersonally Personal

Behind the Facade of an Action

Full Frontier

What has it got to do with you?


Let’s Start from Here

The Lover & the Beloved

Limiting Bondage

Inner Reponsibility + Honesty + Authenticity + Expression

Ideas on top of Ideas

Sheer Honesty to Love

God, Mundanely

Lesson 183: I will be still a moment and go home.

Filling the Cup of Love

A Princess Story

What is the Will of God?

In Death

You Are the One You Are Waiting For – Turn to Yourself

Making Sense of it All

Where it Begins, is Where it Ends


Of Zombies, Barbies & Kens


Creation in Every Now

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Inability to Judge

Give evil nothing to oppose and it will disappear by itself


It lies within Me

See it as Unreal…

Addressing an Inner Conflict

Do I have a Choice?

Awakening to the Unloved Love

Lessons of Reflection: Interfering

Authenticity, said Paul Ferrini


For Me, or Not for Me?

The Death of the Ego

Coming Home to Me

Why won’t you love me?

What are you Grateful for?

Passion Vs Identity

Live Now

Dispelling the Fog

Finding Me


Her Story of a Relationship turned Defiled

Distinct Routes towards the Same Goal

Responding to the Inner and Outer World

Healing the Abandoned

A Darned Good Deal

Arriving without Leaving

Pessimism about the World

A Point in Time

Tricky Cravings

Movie Scripts


Are You Free?

Better the Ending of Craving

Lose the Concepts, Free the Mind

Getting to It

An Abraham Lincoln Quote

Freeing Labels & Concepts

The Bored Mind

Living Life


The Gift

Mindfulness – the Observation & Understanding of the Mind

None of My F*%king Business

Old Flame, New Flame


Peak of Ecstacy, yet Nothing to do with You

Lovingly in Lovingness

Essences in Storylines

In Love with Symbols? You must be Joking!

Neverending Plots

Self Sabotage

The Key to the Ignition

‘Freedom’ from a celebrity’s view point

Cleaning the Mess in the Mind

A Strong Woman vs A Woman of Strength

Walking with Pain

Tug of War

Honoring Self, Trusting Self

Illuminations to Road of Nowhere by Paul Ferrini

Like the Flowing River

A Shift towards Great Compassion

Essence Prevailed

Arrogance & Compassion

The Train

An Intimate Relationship

Money, Money, Come to Me!!!

“Aloneness” in Siblinghood

Problems? Only One.

Attachment, Detachment

Communication with Others


The Egoic Cycle

Stories, am I?

There’s No One Looking, Let’s Play!

The Clinging on & the Release

What if We Never Meet Again?

The Other Side of It

She’s delusional

Meaninglessness of Words

Distorted Reality

It’s back to the Self

The Chattering

The Acknowledgment

The Quick Defense

The Spiritual Journey

Fear of the Known & the Unknown


Baby Steps of Liberation


Conditional Love

I Don’t Know You, You Don’t Know Me

A Lovely Message from Petronas

The Culprit

Future Experiences = Past Experiences?

Power of Forgiveness

Triple Filter Test – The Secret of Sharing Information

Reclaiming Self


Of marriages & love stories

Your Immortal Reality

What Motivates You the Most?


On the Right Track

A little about Wisdom

The Goose is Out!

Mystery & the Mind