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When it can be told that there are fleeting experiences
you can be sure that there is still a past that is being held on to
a memory so to speak
which has nothing to do with Now
but brought forward now
for a story to be retold
for a dreamy story to arise and exist
~ my world is born ~

When it can be told that there is anxiousness as experience
you can be sure that there is still a future that is being anticipated
a projection so to speak
which too, has nothing to do with Now
but brought backwards now
for a story to be foretell
for a dreamy story to arise and exist
~ my world is born ~

Both, equally illusionary
swinging from one la-la land to another la-la land
all confined within the same la-la land
hence making the Now
just a la-la land.

Instead, when there is noticing
of the reflection of past
of the projection of future
the entire imagination
the entire process
of what arises and still lingering
realizing effect
nullifying cause

what dreamy story can exist
except a whole new world
of bright, clear reality

until, of course…

the next memory comes
the next projection comes

and then the dreamy la-la world starts again…

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Often, people are seeking to what or how much they can take from something, someone or a situation;
rather than what or how much they can offer to something, someone or a situation.

They say it is for a higher objective, a bigger picture.

They have failed to see what is in front of them.

~ GG ~

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one mind
loving stability
resenting volatility

one mind
loving spontaneity
resenting structure

both not meeting
not knowing its own extreme
calling forth each other
for the balancing of each

satisfying the law of nature
balancing the imbalance
in the order within chaos
and chaos within order

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Gratitude is a state of Mind from Love, as in one of the expressions of Love itself. It is a lovely experience as effect created by specific internal and external conditions where ideas are not short of its role in the process.

Yet, Gratitude is not something to hold on to, as in to return the favour, or gesture that has a subtle meaning of bondage; though often, unnoticeable. That is altogether another thing. In fact, that itself is no longer gratitude, but referred to as Indebtedness, as in a debt, or an owing. And we know that no debt or owing can carry an experience of joy and freedom but a sense of need or obligation instead.

Do not get confused with Gratitude and Indebtedness. Gratitude is Love, and Indebtedness is Guilt. Gratitude reinstates you, and Indebtedness makes you lose yourself. They are from different roots and the outcome of experience is each different.

Guilt cannot equate to Love. For Love has no guilt. Love does not require you to feel guilty to repay or to return or to obey. You ‘repay’, ‘return’ or ‘obey’ because of Love, and then it is Love returning to Love, Love reflecting Love.

People say “I am indebted to you forever”. To me, that is a momentary expression and they make it into an obligation, to a point of stressfulness; forgetting the initial intent of an act from another in the first place was to bring about Love and Freedom itself. Sometimes, these kinds of expressions are held on so tightly in the mind that it lasts a lifetime, or even lifetimes. And we wonder, “why God makes us suffer?”

A true act that arises from Love always has joy and freedom in it. An act that arises from guilt will carry resentment, discomfort and slavery in it. And the truth is, you can do anything – for yourself, for another, for the world from the intent of Love, and the word ‘bondage’ or the experience of ‘suffering’ cannot even surface save for moments of unconsciousness – that is, when there is guilt running at the background of the mind, unseen.

When you truly look inwardly into your own beingness, you will be able to discern wisely thus allowing yourself to move consciously in and with Love consistently.  This is indeed the only duty and responsibility we owe to ourselves and the world.

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spoken too soon
without Wisdom
it came a visit
knocking on the door
once again
a recurring of memory
apparently happening now

but is it really happening now
or only happening in thoughts now
churning out an experience
primeval yet familiar
opposite of Reality

asleep, awake,
asleep and then awake

unconscious, conscious
unconscious and then conscious

if only, if only

yet is it not obvious
a gift it is

the unreleased to be released
the ungiven up to be given up
the unforgiven to be forgiven
the unloved to be loved

only one purpose
only one purpose

the non-goner, a goner
and finally back to a non-goner and a goner again
an endless end
yet it’s ok
all iz well

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If only you knew what lays beyond all your experiences;
you could rest in solace, assured
and unharmed.

Though you may cry, scream, shout, laugh or struggle only with a little smile,
you would play all themes and know you have never left.

For you have come home to yourself,
you have already been your way home,
all these while…
only you didn’t know,
and seemed to have forgotten the road,
as if someone or something had painted it black somehow…

But Light is never far,
for Love will always call you back,
through one form or another.

That sacredness had never been tainted…
Always had been that pure.
Always had been that innocent.
You’d just know you have always been
so so unwavering untouched.

Only now, to be awakened,
transcending it all
by means of the world, through the world, with the world;
though still in the world.

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What you believe or don’t believe, creates your reality.

Yet, whatever you believe or don’t believe, has nothing to do with Reality.

~ GG ~

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When you choose, wanting to be loved, you cannot be Love.

When you choose to be Love, you are already loved.

~ GG ~

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What is there to forgive when it is not in front of your face?

Why not forgive when it is right in front of your face?

~ GG ~

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Logically, we all know that money and relationships are not related. Yet in today’s world, it is in the statistics that money becomes the cause (or so they think) of misery in relationships.

Money, to many, has become a congruent trigger point for disharmony in relationships, and I do mean all kinds of relationships. During my younger days, a close friend of mine experienced an abusive relationship camouflaging a surrounding theme caused, or rather, triggered by the illusionary value and security that money provides.

It is as if money has some kind of illusive power and capacity to cause the insecurity and instability of mankind to the point of single-handedly destroying his own surrounding relationships. Scary, but somewhat true.

Yet, is money really the cause of all those arising emotions? Or is it more likely to be true that the meaning already exists in the mind hence giving rise to the meaning of power to money; observing how on the facade money can solve most, if not all, problems.

Now, I am neither denying the power of money nor am I advocating another meaning of it. Yet, without any meaning of that it is all powerfully saintly or evil, there is potential for money to gain its position rightfully and appropriately in a place in our society, our world in creating a balance within one’s life and within a community so to speak.

What I discovered about money is that it does have some kind of place since its existence is already undeniable. While many shun money as a root cause to greed and ‘evil’, it can very much potentially channel goodness, love and appreciation too. Not that Love needs money, but it can serve as an expression of Love rather than an expression of greed based on the intent of exchange.

Be thankful to money. No, not for the stuffs you can exchange it with. But be grateful to it for the experiences that it brings you even if it is an unpleasant one so to speak; for without it, it might not be possible to know the potential causes that are subtly haunting the relationship. When appreciation and gratefulness is in the response towards a seeming cause of money being a trigger in a relationship, something can actually begin to shift as the parties begin to work inwards towards the causes of such experiences and emotions rather than putting money or worst, the other parties as target of blame.

Nothing outside of us can ever be the cause of any discomfort that arises within us. Seek within and be liberated through realisation.

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