Responding to the Inner & Outer World

At any one point in time, whenever we are faced with a situation, there are always two things we need to deal with – one, is our inner world and the other, is the outer world. Though it is very much true that the inner world is what projects the outer world when in denial,… Continue reading Responding to the Inner & Outer World

I Don’t Know You, You Don’t Know Me

Only ideas meet ideas and compromise on the somewhat similar qualities that seems to meet or so they think; and bundle with each other thinking or convincing that it’s the same idea to later result in conflict. ===== I asked a loved one when he was profusely complaining about his student, “Do you know him?” ===== I… Continue reading I Don’t Know You, You Don’t Know Me

Power of Forgiveness

Alice forwarded me this. It touched her, so she decided to share with others. It touched me, so I am now sharing it with you… ===== Dr. Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and founder of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Non-violence, in his June 9 lecture at the University of Puerto Rico, shared the… Continue reading Power of Forgiveness