Internal Attention

I had a meeting with two gentlemen some weeks ago. After the discussion on the initial planned topics, the flow swayed towards meditation and spirituality. I offered my other name card, sharing the work that I do. They asked me, “How often do you meditate?” I smiled and said, “often enough, even now as I… Continue reading Internal Attention

Meditation, as a Way of Life

Many people think that meditation belongs to the part of being spiritual. Many people also think that meditation is sitting down, crossed legged, with eyes closed. But that all, is only defining meditation in its own limiting concept. If one could begin to question and experience what meditation is like, without the limiting ideas of what has… Continue reading Meditation, as a Way of Life

Awareness is not Experience

An experience can be described and explained in terms of thoughts, feelings and they can be a myriad of them as in happiness, sadness, peace, anger, frustration, pain and etc. Experience can be one, and also numerous and they vary between one and another although one may seem similar to another due to the nature… Continue reading Awareness is not Experience