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I noticed some words just below the back wiper on a car in front of me; it said, ‘YOU KISS YOU PAY’. And then just below on the back bumper, ‘AWAS!’. And then I also noticed two little red dragon stickers (those that looks like the little dragon in the cartoon Mulan) stuck one at each side on the back of the car too.

I thought it was a little strange and wondered what frame of mind would entail a person to put so many warning signs on his/her car? Immediately, I looked up and realised that on the back windscreen was a red ‘P’ car sticker. I chuckled… oh, on probation… that figures!!

I thought to myself, how funny we are! We are on probation. People ought to be aware of us because we are unsure of our skills; and yet we warn people in a way not to do this or that so not to bump into us! I witnessed more clearly how we always turn our problem and weaknesses into other people’s problems; thinking that when we ‘defend’ or ‘protect’ ourselves by ‘attacking’ others first, we’d actually be safe! What great illusionists we are!

Having said that, I guess some form of warning is better than no form of warning, right? Imagine a sticker like, ‘please steer clear of me, I am still on probation!‘, do you think anyone would actually put up a sticker like that? I think yes. 🙂 But really, it’s comical.

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