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Distorted Reality

When someone gives you, it is your entitlement; when you give someone, it is their entitlement. Simple as that. It is when anyone starts putting meaning into an action, the storyline begins.

The other day, I received a text from a friend saying that he will be in Pyramid on Tuesday. Because it was Tuesday by the time I received his text, I wasn’t sure if he was referring to that particular Tuesday or whichever Tuesday. So I replied seeking clarification. He replied, “Today”. I replied again, citing that I’d be at Gardens and then received no more text from him, until I have arrived at Gardens. He said that he could detour to collect some documents from me if I had taken them out with me. I didn’t bring out any documents with me.

Without a thought, I told him that I was already in Garden, and added, “you replied so late…” Very soon, his reply came back concluding, “ya.. ya.. everything is my fault.” I was surprised, as I did not see it that way. When I queried him further if he felt guilty, he answered saying no, but was given the perception that it was so. I quietly laughed at myself. I must have sent out that energy. 

In truth, nothing has happened. So he replied late in my experience and that was a fact to my experience. However, I failed to see from his point of view that, that was the best he could do at that moment because he was caught up with something else and could not reply to me earlier. And, that’s really ok. That was reality, because it happened that way.

But how the conclusions came about were resulting from the ideas that were running in both our minds. “I should have called earlier.”; “I shouldn’t have said that.”. Thus, the beginning of the externalised storyline. What is the difference? It has happened and could not happen any other way – as in, us being unable to meet. That was reality, and we both unconsciously distorted reality by concluding that it was his being late that had resulted in another delay.

And earlier, my aunt called me to share with me her experience of a credit card overcharged, resulting in my uncle having to pay heaps more than expected from her ‘carelessness’ of not checking details prior to signing a form. This resulted in a lot of guilt arising within her. Having said that however, everything has been resolved todate.

It was obvious to me, the ideas that were running in her head. And she asked me, “Should I go back to work?” I laughed. This cycle is so ancient and it happens to all of us, and yet we cannot see what is it that makes her say that. “I am bored” we say, or “I want to make my own money”. It is all an illusion. An illusion that keeps us here, recycling what is ancient within us, blocking us from seeing what is really being called to see.

“What is the Truth?” she asked me. Oooh the ego so wants to know… “it depends where you are,” I told her. The Spirit already knows. The Spirit always knew. Only when we continuously run around, not listening; camouflaging what’s within; we see what’s we have always seen before, never realising that there is always something more.

My teacher told me the other day, my past wisdom is my present ignorance. To be honest, I was very much triggered by it. I had just acknowledged my progress!! And yet, there was wisdom in what he said ~ there is no conclusion to wisdom. To see things as before, is not seeing it at all.

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