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Each experience is of its own and is independent by itself. To sum up all future experiences based on a past experience is only another form of self-betrayal.

Do our future experiences equate to our past experiences?

Actually, our past experiences limit our future experiences. Try to answer this – Does a bad past experience makes you more weary of a future experience of the same thing? Likewise, does a good past experience makes you want to re-experience the same thing, but as you do, you end up feeling that each experience is actually different? Doesn’t that kinda hint that each time we do something, whether we have done it before or not; regardless of the number of times that we have done it – each occasion when we do something is always a new experience? Actually, if we could practise sponstaneity, our lives would be a brand new experience everyday. That is what it means when they say, ‘Live each day anew’ – and I can imagine that we would live our lives with joy, wonderment and awe each day! Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Well, only if we remember, that is.

And how does it term to ‘self-betrayal’? When we are limiting the coming days’ experiences with the conditionings of the past through judgments and expectations based on our past experiences, are we not; in a way or another; betraying ourselves of the possibilities and potentials of how our days could turn out to be?

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