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On the Right Track

I used to think that our minds are evil – fear based, ego based and etc… and that only the heart is good. But now I have a new understanding of the mind – it is in fact just a tool which has been programmed by default to help us get what we want. It incorporated all these fearful experiences/conceptions which inevitably molded the personalities of who I think I am because at that point in time, I did not know any better… or to put it truthfully, was still asleep. Not that it was there to harm me, but it was just doing its job. And my job is, to understand how it works, ‘treat’ it with ‘anti-virus’ and to reformat and reprogramme the darn hard disk!

Really, the truth does get easier to grasp when you are willing and ready for it in the journey of awakening. There are only 2 laws – the law of fear and the law of love, quoted many times by one of my dear teachers. They are neither good nor bad. We always perceive fear as bad, but fear can uplift both you and I to a higher level of love -if and only if, the intention is love. I guess while fear visits off and on, love always pulls me back.

A friend commented quite some time ago,”wah… your teachers really made an impact on your life huh?” while I acknowledged that; I blurted, “I was the one who made an impact on my life because I was willing to listen and practice the teachings they shared with me.” Egoistic? Well, I was shy after making that statement to tell you the truth. But when I was sharing with one of my teachers on exact same thing,  he acknowledged the same. My teacher (one of the loving two) always said, “In truth, we cannot help anyone. We only share our ideas with them, and if they buy into our ideas, we are still not helping them although it looks like it. In truth, they are the ones helping themselves because they bought into your idea to help themselves.” Oooohhh.. do you see now why I love myself so much for having 2 such beautiful, loving and wise Teachers!!! *winks*

You see, no one can help us or whatsoever. Whatever that could be said or done to us, has been said and done to us. It’s the choices we make thereafter – to either listen or to shy away. I chose to listen and I choose to continue to be obedient to both my Teachers and Masters because I want to continue to make an impact on my life. While I am grateful to them for departing their knowledge and teachings to me, I am even more grateful to myself for having made that choice of being their student for my own growth.

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