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The Spiritual Journey

Since I’ve been on my own journey, I’ve come across many few who also claim to be on their journey. Why I say ‘claim’ is because I can never know if they are as serious as I am in my journey, or if they, in fact, even know what the term ‘spiritul journey’ means. Either way, there’s no right and wrong – there never has been anyway.

Well, my spiritual journey may not be in the context that is familiar to many. You see, spirituality has always been linked to great religions and they very much include (in perceptions) prayers, going to temples, being a follower of monks/great teachers, charitable works, donations, meditation, and etc. But truly, have we ever pondered, if this is what spirituality really means?

I would label (according to my perception, that is) myself if I did the stuffs I just mentioned above more as ‘pious’ than spiritual. Pious because that would be examples defined according to religion practice. I wouldn’t even call it a teaching. On the surface, I may say, “oh, I respect all religions and they are the same” but on the inside, I know what beliefs I strongly hold –  “I will never bow/pay respect to a statue!”, “I will never listen to a Christian sermon” or what have you.. well, not what have you… it’s WHATEVER!!! And most of the time, I would be doing it out of fear, out of an ulterior motive of seeking protection/blessings, or simply just having ‘something’ out there to identify with, or belong to. So many possible ideas that could be churning in the subconscious, and yet, I act like a machine, without questioning.

Spiritual Journey (again, only my perception) is an inward journey leading towards freedom. As what LF always say, “it is turning the radar inwards” that means to say, instead of blaming someone/something out there justifying reasons why we have the right to be upset or angry – to just pay attention to ourselves instead, and question. Question, “why do I feel angry? what is it about me that I am not at peace with?” Surely, at the beginning journey, the arrows would continue shooting at someone/something out there, but consciously bringing it back to ourselves again and again, the right understanding will surely surface.

So how does right understanding serve me? It’s simple and straightforward. It’s freedom. Freedom from what, you may ask – the world? the society? the sufferings? Oh no… far, far from it… what is the world, the society or the sufferings but simply reflections of my inner world. When I am not at peace, the world shows me that; and when I am at peace, the world shows me that, too. 🙂

So, free from what?

I will tell you. Free from “I”. Of course, even as I say, “I” want to be free – it can be born also from the stem of the ego. But you see, if it is my birth right to be free, then surely, this “I” that threads on the journey towards freedom and Home could not be the same “I” that causes the sufferings.

It is a tricky game. It ~ the ego ~ is in so many forms although it does not exist. And yet its excellence in fooling us that it exists through the ‘realness’ that we think it is. So it is truly not in the ‘doing’ of prayers, temple visiting, charitable deeds and etc that is any relevant in a Spiritual Journey but our own awakening to our ignorance. In truth, there is really just nothing to do, except to answer to an inner calling, that automatic knowing, that automatic decision – that alignment with Home.

I am thankful to the teachings made available to support my journey, and also to my teachers who serve as additional avenue of channels for the Truth to come through ~ one who knows exactly the timing to come into my space to give me more clarity; one who knows exactly the time to answer to my emails and shout-out (you know who-you-are *winks*) so as to trust and empower me in my journey to freedom, to Home.

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