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I had always wondered.. what if everything that happens in the world is relevant to me. Not relevant to me in the sense that I’d need to do somthing about it, but just for me to observe and enjoy the experience. It can be the earthquake in Haiti, the beggar in pasar malam, a friend writing a rude and hurting email to me, a neighbour fighting for his voice to be heard, my wise teachers who are constantly guiding and supporting my journey and etc…  

I understand that the world is my reflection, because whatever meaning that I put into someone or something out there are simply my own ideas of interpretation and hence, would only show me what I think they are doing to or for me; again through my own ideas.  Whatever happens in reality, may not even be the case at all! What others think or do is irrelevant to me; it is what I think and feel about my reflections (i.e. the outside of me coming back to the inside of me) which are more important – because it despicts my intentions and ideas at that point in time! Waitaminute… is there still someone out there?? In a very simplified explaination, everything and everyone out there is a symbol of an idea being projected from the mind.  

The world is like a playground. I was watching the ‘The Biggest Loser’ on Astro and the blue team were discussing who should be voted out amongst them. So most of them (I think) suggested to vote out this Asian-American woman because she loss the least weight amongst the others. She was holding back her tears as one of the team members asked her what she thought of it. She bravely said, “It’s just a game.”

It is true. And everyone knows that – The Biggest Loser reality show is JUST-A-GAME!! We, as observers enjoy the show like entertainment; while the participants in there take the game very very seriously – until to the point that they’d feel the pain, the joy, the embarassment – even though they know, it’s just a BLOODY GAME!!! And how different is that game from life? And here I mean, our attitude. Can we get not-so-personal and uptight about life and just joyfully do our best? Why do we cry? Do we cry joyfully because it was such a good game played? Or guilt that we had not tried our hardest?

Here, I would like to share this link to one of my teacher’s very profound sharing, All experiences are of me, not for me or to me. Enjoy!

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