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Problems? Only One.

There is in truth, only one problem; that when recognized, is already solved.

There are many forms of problems, we say; but they are really just the same problem. And when we can recognize that problem, it is solved.

‘you must be kidding!’ you tell me; ‘of course I am not!’ I tell you – and then you’d probably start differentiating the difference between problems in careers, relationships, friendships, families, religions, politics, money or what have you. And I am telling you again, ‘all problems are the same – there is only one problem – and when you recognize that ONE problem, it is solved!’

So, what is it?

And my teacher said, “In true nature everything is the manifestation of wisdom. It is our ignorance and delusional min that sees it otherwise. In other words our seemingly separation makes it so. Simple, isn’t it?”

What is Separation? Separation from what? But, what is the use of pointing you to the Moon when you would; instead of walking towards the Moon; stand right where you are to watch the Moon? And to watch the Moon, you are separated from it; to walk towards the Moon, you get closer to the Moon and suddenly, you realize that there has never been distance between you and the Moon – that the distance did not exist; VOILA! You are the Moon! But, to be there, you can’t just stand there to watch. You have to walk, first. But then again, where is the ‘there’? Is it, really just the Moon?

‘There’ is a place which is beyond the explanation of anything that can be put into words, pictures or music.  ‘There’ is a place where no problems could exist because there is no-thing there.

There is no-thing because no-thing exists. Problems exist here because of ideas of separation which initiated from the idea of “I”. When the ideas of the false self had withered, the Truth is then surfaced. In fact, I cannot even say that there is a “true self” so to speak because that could imply duality, which in truth does not exist but in a dream. In fact, I am inclined to think that there is no such thing as Self.  And even if there is, it is not in the context of meaning that both you and I can understand. 

And so J says, “Above all, remember that you have one problem and that the problem has one solution. It is in this that simplicity of salvation lies. It is because of this that it is guaranteed to work. …Do not deceive yourself about what the problem is, and you must recognize it has been solved.”

Problems? Seriously, only one. Recognize it, and it has been solved.

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