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I have many conditions in my life; and the easiest condition in my life,
is to be unconditional.
The easiest condition in my life, is yet the hardest I’ve ever had to deal with and practice
– and that is, unconditionality.

Observing three incidents/experiences which happened in the past two days for me were a perfect set up for ancient ideas to surface – relating to money, thus unworthiness. There were two kinds of emotions that came up for me: one – joyfulness to be given to; and two – a sort of shyness, resistance and unworthiness to receive.

My teacher shared with me last night about some abundance game he participated in a workshop, where circulation of money took place amongst the participants. He observed many characteristics or rather attitudes of the givers and receivers. It can be concluded that ideas at the back of the minds determine those characteristics or attitudes.

We were taught since young, that the giving or receiving of money to or from others or for anything must be with a reason. Observe ourselves when we give RM1 to a beggar or a blind man who walks around with an empty cup. Is it conditional or unconditional? If the beggar did not look like a beggar, or the blind man was not carrying an empty cup; would we still give them the RM1?

Similarly, if someone were to give us money; it’d either because we have just performed a service, sold something or it could be in tandem with an occasion – a wedding, birthday or whatsoever. There is always a reason and purpose that accompanies it, conditions to fulfill.

No different from having limitations from where money must come from. “My money comes from hubby”’; “money can or will come if I am working”; “I win money from lottery”. No wonder money doesn’t drop from the sky, or simply appear out of nowhere on the table or in our bank accounts for us! We limit the source of money coming to us, and worst, do not trust in whatever ways it comes to us!

To experience miracles in this context; is to break the limiting beliefs seeded in the mind. My wise teacher said (not in exact words though), “find out what is it that disallows money to come to you; rather than figuring how you can make more money in a form of doing.”

How do we master the mind until we begin to understand the workings of the mind? And how do we begin the journey of understanding save for the initial willing journey of mindfulness and observation of what arises in the mind at each and every moment? And a subsequent inquiry which leads to right understanding, right perception? Abundance comes in many forms and ways. Only our limited perceptions, ideas and beliefs disallow us to appreciate what is already here for us, or what could potentially be ours.

Here, I would like to recommend two courses to escort one’s progress in the journey towards clarity and freedom – Wisdom Meditation and Busting the Mind Game hosted by Clove&Clive. Wisdom Meditation provides an insight to the workings of the mind which could potentially lead to deeper understandings of the mechanics of the mind; and Busting the Mind Game is a workshop which educates us on the tools available to bust loose from the limiting ideas and beliefs ingrained in the mind. Do click on those links for more information.

May we always be aligned with the Peace within, which has never left us except for our oblivious awareness of It.

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