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“What you desire and think about all the time are seeds that you sow. And what you sow, you reap. Where you put your energy is where your life goes. Or, as the Master said, “where your heart is, there will your treasure also be.” ”

“The creations of the ego are transitory by nature. They are not meant to last forever. They are tools for learning that come and go. Sooner or later, one comes to the end of ego creation. One gets tired of the drama one is creating. And then life slows down and simplifies. And there is no need to do anything in particular. Indeed, there is the awareness that anything I “need” to do will come back to haunt me. What I need is just more perceived lack that I look to fill from the outside… Another useless journey.”

“Much of our suffering arises from our attempt to make the reflection into a cause. While everything in the outside world reflects our ever-changing state of consciousness, nothing out there is the cause of how we think or feel. The responsibility for how we think or feel belongs only to us.

Our greatest spiritual challenge is to be responsible for our own thoughts, feelings and actions and to encourage others to take similar responsibility for their own lives. We are not here to judge others, to make decisions for them, or try to change their ideas or their feelings. Nor are we here to invite others to judge us, make decisions for us or try to change our ideas and feelings. If we will accept responsibility for our own consciousness and experience, and offer other people our acceptance and respect, we can stop the cycle of projection. Then we can live in the state of inner peace and outer freedom that Jesus and other Christ-realized beings attained. That state, they promised us, is here for us to claim whenever we are ready.”

“Our relationship to the world, and therefore to each other is no longer one of manipulation, struggle or greed, but one of trust in the natural unfoldment of all organic processes, or in what the Chinese call Tao.

What needs to occur happens through us, because we are willing and able, not because our egos need it to happen to validate self. Tao unfolds in us and in all beings. When we respect this unfolding process, we are naturally drawn toward events and circumstances to which we can contribute our energy and attention.

This is spiritual manifestation, or the presence of grace. It is not based on personal desire, but acts for the fulfillment of all beings. It does not seek one person’s goal at the expense of another’s.

Spiritual manifestation happens without effort or attachment. Self worth is not on the line and so there is no need for a specific outcome. The expectations that arise are surrendered as one moves to embrace whatever is happening in the moment.

Tao creates spontaneously and impersonally. It has no favourites. Whatever it brings must be accepted. And in the acceptance of it, its inner meaning is revealed.”

– excerpts from Illuminations to Road of Nowhere by Paul Ferrini –

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