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Apparently, to free the mind is to be free of concepts. To be free of concepts means, to undo all sorts of limitations that binds us. I am speaking of things which we find are restrictive to our sense of being, which disable us to achieve our fullest sense of joy. But then again, peace is also being one with what is, whatever the limitations – and in oneness, I suppose, limitations cease to be limitations because there is no separation.

I remember my teacher speaking about ideas that were binding during my first Wisdom meditation class with him at the center, and how important it was for us to question each of their potency in order to attain freedom and peace. I asked him, if whatever that he was sharing with us, was just another idea. He quickly agreed and concluded, “yes, it is an idea which will free you.”

Having been on this journey for quite some time now, I am now familiar with how ideas are running each of our lives at every moment in time. It is like the mind has certain specific criteria or sets of rules in particular with an idea and each time it picks up something from any of the five senses, it automatically goes into search for a match with the inner data bank stored in the mind. Whether a person experiences joy, sadness, anger, peace, happiness is all dependent on the ideas at the back of the mind.

So is it possible to be free from concepts? Yes, it is. But that itself too, is a concept – a concept of no concept. I was questioning my teacher once again, why is it that we can never be entirely be concept-free and he gave a very surety answer – because we are still here. As I pondered upon it, it somehow rings true. If I was totally concept-less, perception-less, idea-less, I guess I would not be able to live in this world anymore although I may be a very peaceful and joyful being so to speak. But again, if I am that concept-less, perception-less, idea-less, I don’t even need to be here, get what I mean?

So we are still here and obligations remain. But how do we live a more joyous and peaceful life with the concepts in mind? It is possible by foregoing the wrong view, for the right view. An action can be the same, but it is the thought or intention behind it that makes a difference and which calls for different results. An action done based on fear calls for a result which may demand expectations, disappointments, anguish, anxiety and what have you. The same action based on love comes, mostly with qualities of gentleness, surrendering, allowing, joy and acceptance. An act of love brings forth light, calming to our essence; where as an act of fear brings forth more fear, deadly to our well-being.

It is of utmost important to inquire within ourselves and question each limitation we have in the mind. This can lead us ultimately to our own inner freedom and peace, and for miraculous experiences to occur. Not that we switch our wrong perceptions to right perceptions for miracles to occur but miracle itself is a result from a shift in perception. The inner shift brings us closer to our Core Self, where peace and freedom lies.

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  1. An idea is all it takes to start a dramatic soap opera, be it a nightmare or a happy dream. Not just one idea, to be exact, but rather that first idea sets the motion of a series of other connected ideas along with it. The cast, so to speak. If the first idea is about brutality, the cast of the opera must be brutal and ugly – don’t expect the cast to be lovey dovey or cartoonish by nature.

    Birds of the same feather flocks together – the same with ideas or views too. One wrong mad idea is sufficient to bring in a retinue of wrong ideas along with it. The mind is in accordance with the law of attraction, or more familiar, the law of causal relationship. One moment of idea is connected to the immediate past idea and also result for the next idea.

    In other words, when the mind is ignorant, we can be sure the idea that springs up from it is wrong by nature, seeking further evidences to support the idea. One can experience this in their daily lives when something goes “wrong” the mind will play out its drama by making others wrong. Similarly when one passionately love another, one will have uncountable ideas of seeing goodness in the other, irrelevant whether that person exhibit certain weird character. When love dies, usually after the wed :), everything becomes apparently clear!

    Ideas appear in our perception, in the way we look at things. It also comes in our attitude. We are the maker of our reality. Be careful what we have in our mind. Do we have the wisdom to break the cycle when wrong ideas are already in our system? That requires self-inquiry and good spiritual friends – not that kind of friends that support our sob stories, but friends that allow us to see our follies. Who need those friends? Only the wise.

    This topic is relevant to what Yeshua has to said – When you bring forth that within you, then that will save you. If you do not, then that will kill you.

    Another beautiful piece from him –

    Recognize what is in front of you,
    and what is hidden from you will be revealed.
    There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.

  2. Joon Howe says:

    Beautiful. Just truly beautiful.

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