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At any one point in time, whenever we are faced with a situation, there are always two things we need to deal with – one, is our inner world and the other, is the outer world. Though it is very much true that the inner world is what projects the outer world when in denial, but the projection merely means, to us, the meanings that we have put on the situation, or rather the perception that we hold on to due to the underlying idea in the mind. The outer world, although could not reflect otherwise, also entails others’ journey – but due to the connection and interlinks with other minds, there is an outer world that we too, need to address.

However, it is important to always remember the priority is to bring clarity to the inner world first; to check the initial intention and to willfully and consciously set the right intention for an outer outcome to reflect. Although what happens to the another; in my own observation, that is; is beyond my control, but it seems to have proven to me time and time again how my perception of the situation or of a person somehow turns things around to a more favorable situation, and here I mean to a more peaceful outcome in my own experience. I cannot speak for others because it is not my business to interfere with others’ business – but when I do my inner work, clearing or rather correcting the misperception I have of the outer world, it would lead me to better respond, instead of react to the outer world.

The other day I had such an experience. There is a very big part of me which practices the belief “there is no one out there”, but at the same time I cannot deny that some bodies are still very real to me due to the attachment of meanings or my missing the mark in overlooking such symbols they represent in my life. In that day’s experience, I felt a sort of uneasiness where I was unsure if I was projecting the situation, or observing the situation with discernment. Although there were validations that my observation was somewhat clear, but the most astonishing fact here was that I was feeling uneasy with this observation – which only meant that I had to do my inner work within myself, before I could proceed with any course of action, that is, if I still felt inspired to do so after my inner work.

As I surrendered and forgive myself for the misperception, it was miraculous to experience a somewhat twist of event. Although there was slight improvement which cannot be of coincidence but through the inner world I had taken responsibility for, it was a call for celebration as it further instilled in me how I am the center of the universe and my state of mind of clarity was important in order for me to respond to a person or a situation of the outer world. When I finally responded to this situation with clarity, understanding and love, I saw my mind much at ease compared to the time of uneasiness, but since there was still some lingering worry-ness, I knew that the error was still in me and not fully resolved, hence the call for further and continuous inner work.

I begin to appreciate myself even more for my own willingness to take responsibility and feel much gratitude for the reminders by spiritual friends to shed light on what I could not see. Although it is still very much a work-in-progress but the resulting inner peace and inner authority allowed me to stand firmer in my own grounds – alone or not.

Surrendering and forgiving our own misperceptions can only come from the space of genuine intention to clear the blocks within us, instead of wanting to fix what is on the outside. Surprisingly, once we take on that role to take care of our minds, the outside changes as well – as the saying goes, ‘what is within, so is without’. I used to tell people that there are many angles to a box, and now I would like to add on that there is no right or wrong in viewing the box at any angles but our holding on to perceptions, especially misperception – which can either bring us to the space of love to respond to others or a situation; or to the space of fear, which can only result in ignorant reaction which brings further pain and hurts to others and ourselves.

If I am unable to bring peace to others then at least let me do that for myself with the right perception. But then again, when I am in peace, so will peace be with others as per my reflection. So when I am in the space of peace, I am able to see things clearly and allow wisdom to set in to set the notion for the right response which will not only empower me, but also others.

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  1. It is a good yardstick to remember that so long as we have not crossed the hurdles of our uneasiness, which may come in multiple layers, the process of inner authority is still work-in-progress.

    And in the midst of that, the safe guarding of the mind is utmost crucial as at any one moment of time, the hurling of responsibility onto others can easily arise. Hence loving yourself is necessary. U can be sure though this journey can be a big pain in the ass, but as always, it never fails to be assured that there is something beautiful awaits the end, only if we patiently toil with love, and not with expectation.

    Let this be your journey of seeing your own greatness.

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