Distinct Routes towards the Same Goal

It doesn’t matter how different we all seem to be in how we look, or what we do, or in the approaches we undertake, as our Source, of where we come from is the same – the Origin.

Because of the evolution of the mind, there need be a variety of methods/approaches, all serving towards the same goal – for liberation, for love, for peace.

Yet it seems when we all come together, our approaches or somewhat paths are different – it only requires respect, love and appreciation for ourselves and others to bring us all to the space of Oneness. Still, the mind tends to separate what it cannot agree with. The disagreement, Thank the Good Lord, only arises because of lack of understanding. Though that is not really a big issue, but our holding on to our own truth; to mean ideas and views here; is what causes the conflict or further confusion to what is ultimately experienced.

Subtly yet surely, when one is able to truly recognize from the space of a bigger truth – the recognition of the holding on, the holding on releases itself. A conscientious choice of keeping the mind open is hence required despite the multiple judgments which may arise from the new source of information coming towards our way for digestion. If accompanied by righteous attitude, instead of rightful attitude, the disagreement may cause further misery to the already misperceived mind when one is unable to truly decipher the information coming on with clarity.

Our hanging on to our own view is what creates our inner war. It is never about what is outside that does not seem to resonate that irks us. Even if another’s methodology does not reverberate with ours, what makes us so sure that it is not the rightful or appropriate journey for others?  It is our judgment that brings on our own suffering. Judgment and further judgment only begets further agony and in doing that, only enhances the separation between us.

Look at the mechanics of putting a play together, the prop boy is no less important than its actors on stage, or the director off stage. All roles and functions are necessary, each equally important to have the play successful – all for one goal, the same goal. There to be no undermining or judgment of another, for all that is needed comes into fixture, the fittings of a missing jigsaw.

When we are able to recognize that any function that we, or others take on is for our highest purpose, we are already respecting ourselves and others and closing the gap between us. This brings ourselves and others closer to our own hearts, even though we may seem to be doing different things, or treading along different paths.

If we are all serving the same goal, is there any difference or limitations in ways we allow ourselves or others to do so? Moment to moment, we are only asked to surrender and trust, and to be responsible for ourselves, to stand in our own integrity as what my teacher reminds; to have inner authority. There is no differentiation, no separation – just respect, freedom, allowance, grace, love and appreciation for ourselves and others.

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  1. Love this article.

    It is always ok to disagree as different people perceives differently though the object may be the same. Every single one of us is in our own journey of realisation or self-discovery; and therefore have different levels of understanding. Some sooner and some later.

    The common factor here should be mutual respect for every individual regardless of age, jobs, status…etc…

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