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Dispelling the Fog

Your meditation practice will only be as powerful as your motivation to dispel the fog of your own lack of awareness. When you are in this fog, it is hard to remember the importance of practicing mindfulness, and it is hard to locate your attitudinal bearings. Confusion, fatigue, depression, and anxiety are powerful mental states that can undermine your best intentions to practice regularly. You can easily get caught up and then stuck in them and not even know it.

~ Excepts from Chapter 46, Letting Everything become Your Teacher by Jon Kabat-Zinn & Hor Tuck Loon ~


Will, my friend, will and desire… and that shall always be your motivation to bring you back to the practice of mindfulness, to the present.

For everything, nothing excluding, is Now, and Here

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  1. Breathe in…breathe out….focus…focus…focus…in the Now & Here!!!!

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