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Creation in Every Now

I shared with my partner the other day, that we are not afraid of how weak or useless we are; instead, we are very, very afraid of how powerful we actually are – which is the very reason why we keep ourselves locked up in a victim prison, not willing to rise up to our own greatness or freedom.

So, it is easy to forget. Sometimes I wonder, if it is an intention to forget. Even when one decides to play the game after already knowing the truth, he will have the tendency to forget that it is all a game – that the world is indeed just a playground.

I was watching the movie ‘Nine’ yesterday (finally!), and there was one excerpt which I particularly liked. It was sung, “Imagination, is God’s garden”. And that is exactly what is required of us – to imagine, and to experience. Our imagination, is how and what we create in our experiences. As the saying goes, ‘What you reap, is what you sow’. Of course, we tend to forget that, and think that it is just our ‘imagination’, some ‘fantasy’ space where we go to and come back, that it’s not ‘real’. But let’s take a step back and recall, have there been no moments, where what we experienced was more or less exactly how we had imagined it to be? And let’s ponder a little here, if we had remembered how we had imagine it to be, then we might not have been so thrilled (due to the expectation or know-it’d-be-coming factor); but if we had forgotten how we had it imagined it (which may actually be an unconscious act of surrendering and letting go), we are usually in for a big surprise! No?

The other day, while I listened to my partner’s story of possible watchdogs and dropouts in the project he anticipates to take over, I was amazed at how he viewed his future experience of having smooth progression in the project being dependent on others, who merely served as his mirrors. There was much light heartedness listening to him. He had forgotten that he was creating all that he was experiencing and all that he was about to experience although during the midst of the conversation, he did mention, “well, I guess I could create…”

The thing is, at every moment in time, we are all already creating our experiences. Each thought believed, each word spoken, each belief generated. At this moment Now, what you think and believe thoroughly is what you have created Now and this programme runs until you will it to change.

So there is generally two types of creation – one that is conscious, where we are mindfully aware of the programmes that are running in the mind; or one that is unconscious, what the mind picks up with or without our conscious permission, because we are unaware. Thus the importance of taking care of our mind, to guard the mind so per se. To think I can create something in the future in future is to be in a delusion, missing what is in the Now. To stay present in the Now, and be mindful of what has arisen, I am already set in creating my future. We are indeed, the creators of our own experiences whether in a conscious or unconscious state.

The past is gone. I can’t even say that it existed. But when I am still affected by something of the past, Now; the past has not left me and hence become my Now. The future is also not here, and I can’t say that it will ever come at all because by the time it arrives, it is then my Now. So all I have is Now. By being in the Now, I have created my future. Now is here, at this point – what is it that you want, Now?

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  1. hortuckloon says:

    Want? I can’t even want anything in the Now except to response or react to what is here. And the mere act of either responding or reacting is the experience of Now. NOW is actually my relation to what is. Nothing out there for me to relate except my intimate relationship to myself.

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