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If your joy is derived from what society thinks of you, you’re always going to be disappointed.


This explains why, being self-sufficient is so important. When we are constantly relying on some outer reality to fulfil us, we are then continuously depending our happiness, or rather our state of being to externality of which is in truth, beyond our control.

Many people don’t believe in self-sufficiency, or rather are misled to think that they are self-sufficient when all is well and good. But when the tables turn around, they are quick to be effected by an outer reality which is entirely none of their business and is swift to point the finger at someone, something or some situation that has resulted in their state of miserableness.

Self-sufficiency is to mean that no outer reality quivers what is inside of us. At any moment in time, the stillness within remains, unshaken. What can be shuddered, is only to be reclaimed. With the attempt of Truth, only Love is what reveals.

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