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Of Zombies, Barbies & Kens

The other day I was inspired to write an entry on Zombies. But today, having sung the song ‘Zombie’ and ‘The Barbie Girl’ at karaoke, I felt that they were of no difference, except that Barbies and Kens were much prettier images to look at, compared to Zombies.

Zombies, Barbies & Kens – what are their similarities? They are all perceived as motionless objects which is either moved by something evil to eat your brains (Zombies) or moved by an outer object (us, or the children) to display an imaginary storyline in the mind – Barbie, the fashionable and trendy icon with pretty face and perfect body shape meets Ken, the handsome man who takes Barbie out on a date where they fall in love at first sight.

That is right – just motionless objects. The Zombies seem to be moving on their own, as if programmed, and Barbies and Kens are, as mentioned above, moved by outer objects. Imagine that Barbies and Kens can be programmed like a doll, or like the Robo-Dog – then they will be moving around just like us. No diff. I received the insight that we are in fact like Barbies and Kens, except that we have been moved by an invisible ‘object’, and not aware of it.

So let’s take Zombies out of the picture, since they are pretty gruesome sights to look at (solely judgment). Barbies and Kens are made of plastic, and we are of flesh and blood – is there any difference? Except for the difference in material and the appearances (Barbies and Kens generally look quite alike while we are each unique in our features and combinations), there is still no distinction; for we are all like zombies (oops!), executed by programmes. Barbies’ and Kens’ movements are executed by our seen hands, because we can see ourselves controlling them; but imagine that they could talk in their own dimension, but not able to see us – they would probably think that they are moving, they are talking, they are whatever. And we are probably the same, except that we don’t see the strings attached to us or the inner control authority that is directing each of our every movement.

The beautiful and important thing to distinguish here is not how different or similar we are (with the dolls, I mean) but is to recognize that we are constantly being run by programmes – ideas, so to speak. Ideas and beliefs in the mind are exactly the programmes that we are constantly condoning ourselves to without question – yes, like a robot, like a zombie (oops, again!). Our responses and reactions to people and situations are always in consistent with the ideas that we have. For example, if you had an idea that you don’t like people not brushing their teeth or have bad breath, it is natural for you to shun them off or strike their names off your nice and hygienic people list. I could go on… but I guess the number of pages on this entry would be equivalent to, if not more than a dictionary!

To get out of the Barbie, Ken or Zombie (oops!) mode, is to commence self-inquiry. I cannot even begin to elaborate the weight of it. And, it is also very important to ask the Right question that leads us back to the source, rather than asking aimlessly and unwisely like a headless chicken. Often, the mind is tricky in deceiving us that we have arrived at the source, but very soon we will know for sure if it is true understanding that we have arrived at, or merely an imitation version of comprehension when the next time a similar situation arises. If we are still triggered, then it is vital to further inquire wisely; however, it is likely that another layer of the onion has been peeled.

It is never too late to embark on such journey, or to move out of such modes if we are become ‘alive’ again. The best part of being in the mode for too long is that when it is time to resurrect, availability of materials, teachers and guides are already flooding although it is essential to move with one teaching, or one teacher at one time to which we resonate most with our common sense. There is no right or wrong here except in the idea of comparison – which is better, mine or yours? See how we are being ‘controlled’ again?

And there is no perfect timing that another could put one on too. It is entirely on one’s own timing, as long as you are aware that you are dead, and wish to become alive again.

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