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Intricacy & Simplicity

My partner once shared with me a story told by our common teacher.

One day a man went up to see God. After seeing God, on the way back he bumped into a very wise man. The wise man knew that he went to see God and asked him what God was doing and when God was going to pay him a visit. So the man told the wise man that God was trying to put an elephant into a needle hole. The wise man replied that it is illogical, impossible and cannot be done. Then the man said, “God won’t be seeing you for a long, long time.”

After that he saw a peasant, the peasant asked the man what God was doing and if God asked about him (the peasant). The man described exactly what he told the wise man. The peasant replied, “Well, He could do anything He wants as He is God.” So the man told the peasant, “God will be seeing you soon.”

The difference here between the wise man and the peasant is of a wise mind and a simple mind. A wise mind, or an intelligent mind prune to thinking and adopting ideas may result in the wise man having answers to much in life. But it is also this very essence of complexity that propels the wise man to be stuck in a box. As much as liberating ideas have been introduced to the complex and wise mind to move out of the vicinity of the box, these ideas can very well move him not out of the box but instead to a bigger box and might I add, is self-created. While the simple mind is indeed one of simplicity, accepting without contemplation of the possibilities as there are no impossibilities that confines it. In short, the wise can no longer be wise and the simple becomes wise in its innocence.

So easily, we hang on to ideas, beliefs and teachings as if they are gospel truths to the point that we refuse to let them go and move on. Then what difference is that of an idea that frees us to an idea which binds us if by our hanging on to the very idea that frees us becomes one that is binding? I could very well point the finger to the ego and say it is not my fault, that the ego has caught up so rampantly and so slyly scheming itself into my domain but who am I kidding when it is me that is unable to let go of the old patterns? Then would that make me an ego, or the ego? When I speak of ego here, I am not implying that it is something threatening or separated from us, but merely an old addictive pattern of false self yet arising. Thus, even if a wise man is perceived as being open to what arrives at his doorstep yet hanging on strongly to his beliefs, who is the wise man but a façade thus creating already a subtle sense of defense behind that face of serenity when he has perceived that there is a clash of ideas during an interaction?

J says that everyone holds their own truth, and the truth is that all truths are the same. Yet there is this one truth, the absolute truth which cannot be argued or even contemplated as it is the ultimate and just is. And being thus far in this journey, it is ironic how truth to me has evolved from this to that, and that to this leading now to this another truth which nobody else or even I can argue with.

But the mind is not satisfied because it is wisely unwise; or rather how my other teacher puts it as ignorantly wise. What is wise but the opposite of unwise? And what is wisdom but the opposite of ignorance? Aren’t they two sides of the same coin, the duality? To be attached to one, is to despise the other, and this pattern runs in all areas of our lives – conscious, unconscious, awakened, asleep… until of course, the true awakening that is derived above the state of conscious, unconscious, awakened and asleep state.

Keeping the mind simple is easier said than done. How do you uncondition something that has been conditioned since birth? In school, we learn problem solving; at home, we learn problem solving; in society, we learn problem solving too – even when we don’t feel like greeting someone and that someone gets upset, it becomes a problem for us to solve. That is how we have been brought up, and that is how we continue to teach our children, generations after generations. And each solution that we arrive at to seemingly solve a problem becomes yet another limitation to the mind.

As Osho denotes clearly, we don’t know how not to live without problems, or purpose. First, we put the gosling into a bottle, feeds it till it is fully grown. Now the goose is big and we want to get the goose out of the bottle and we have to bring the goose out without killing it or destroying the bottle. We set impossible conditions so that we can remain happy, so that we can continue carrying the bottle, continue having problems; and the truth is, that this bottle is only our imagination, our illusion.

Nansen gave a great clap with his hands and shouted, “Riko!”
“Yes, Master,” said the official with a start.
“See,” said Nansen, “the goose is out”

for the goose has NEVER been in the bottle! Because, there was no bottle in the first place!

Being thus far in the journey, it is ironic that the truth that I so seek and loved was indeed just that – the seek. And the seek has to come to an end for what begins has to end. And now, there is nothing more to do, except to live life without conditions. Without conditions is to say, to drop the purpose, reasons or guilt to do or not to do; otherwise we’d be spending all of our moments surrendering rather than living life itself!

Be moved by inspiration, without questioning or thinking of the aftermath. As much as there was a wise saying that a wise one will look into the future before he acts, but what is in the future except what is in the past? If we are already foretelling a future, then what is the use of God or the Holy Spirit? Well, if it is necessary to clear some guilt or fear, get to it then but again, are we already not already making what is unreal real when we tell others that it is not so? Crap, crap.

Now, everything has become purposeless and yet simple. And when the complexity of mind comes in from time to time, luring me into believing the impossibilities, the limitations (which is why guilt arises by the way) – do I stay true to the inspiration, or do I stay true to the impossibilities and the limitations?

Freedom comes to me when I am able to be true to what is within and it is a continuous trusting and evidencing how this is a plane of possibilities, a dream to be lived and fulfilled; how I do not have to try to be liberated, but be liberated. If I keep thinking that my purpose is to bring light to others, then what am I telling myself about the world? If I keep telling myself that I am thirsting for truth, even already knowing the truth, then what am I telling of myself to myself and to the world?

While the initial journey is important, but it is indeed important to move on, rather than dwell in the state never clearly knowing that I am already here, constantly doubting. I am just a happy and blessed puppet now – for my strings are no longer pulled in entanglement or complexity but by a simple and loving Master, who lovingly moves me so. And I move freely as He gently tugs; my job is just to flow with Him, in Him; without judgment, resistance, condemnation or struggle; and soon the many glimpses of surety and bliss becomes one of every moment; regardless of what the outcome is.

Sheesh… what outcome?!? ;-J

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