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This one mistake in any form has one correction. There is no loss; to think there is is a mistake. You have no problems, though you think you have. And yet you could not think so if you saw them vanish one by one without regard to size, complexity, or place and time, or any attribute which you perceive that makes each one seem different from the rest. Think not the limits you impose on what you see can limit God in any way.

– A Course in Miracles

2 Responses to “Only one Mistake, thus Only one Correction”

  1. Sot-Sot One says:

    Allow me to share something out from nothing.

    I have no problems, though I think I have. There is no loss; to think there is is a mistake – I have no limitation, I am the limitation.

    Why? Because the limitation is who I believe I am, that’s one big mistake. Limitation equates make-believe stories. So, what’s the correction? Forgive the mistake, but how?

    Q: What is true?
    A: NOTHING! (Nothing can be absolutely 100% true; only make-believe stories when inquired with brute honesty.)

    Q: Who am I?
    A: In truth, NOTHING! (All characters i.e. good person/lover are just make-believe stories when inquired with naked honesty.)

    Nothing is what is. Nothing is limitless. Nothing is indifferent. No loss is possible in nothing. Can reaction possible from the space of nothing?

    Something is always something else – something that limits, differentiates, makes to believe that loss is possible. From the space of something, reaction cannot NOT on auto-pilot.

    What is share is nothing. If there’s something, perhaps nuting (as in “nuts”).

  2. celiaelaine says:

    I return again and again to ACIM, and I read “I need do nothing.” That is what is recognized when we have walked the whole pathway to Awakening.

    Your comments recall this truth (“I need do nothing”) to me once again.

    Thank you.



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