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Illusion as Reality

The working of the illusion is worth deliberating on for it is the workings of the illusion that creates reality. Our reality is exactly the illusion that we believe in. But what creates our illusion that camouflages reality? And in that case, is there reality?

Our illusion is indeed being coloured by our perceptions and our perceptions are conjured by ideas and concepts in the mind. These ideas can be said were generated due to experiences or knowledge accumulated from the past, and sad to say, it is mostly governed by fear patterns namely guilt.  

If I am in a relationship and my partner is unavailable for company at the point where I need him because he is caught up with work, he may miss my call or abruptly say, “I gotta go honey” without giving any additional explanation to make the situation clear that it has nothing to do with me that he is unable to talk to me but that he is merely caught up with work. I may have thoughts that he doesn’t love me as much as I love him, he doesn’t put me in priority or etc thus creating my reality (which in truth, is an illusion) of being abandoned. For that, my mood will start to deteriorate further and the victimhood in me may propel further confirming how no one cares about me, no one is ever there for me and most crucially, how unloved and unworthy I am.

I recently had a conversation with a mother who was concerned about her child whom she suspects is an autism case because he doesn’t seem to respond to others and is slow in his speech. Not that I am an expert in the field of kids, but I seem to notice that it is a common trait amongst kids these days and given sufficient space for development at his own time, he will eventually speak and start to connect with people around him. The illusion the mother was having was created by guilt of not paying enough attention to him when he was born especially so when she herself was experiencing a state of depression whilst being pregnant with him. Thus, she blamed herself for his late development though in the eyes of others, he seems to be a fine kid in a world of his own (he is only 2 years old by the way). Not to mention that she was comparing his milestone development with that of her earlier twin daughters and also of the common liners set by paediatrics. Her guilt has resulted in her seeing that there is indeed something wrong with her child hence creating exactly that her illusion, thus her reality. She sought doctors and researched on facts of autism which sets her motion to confirm the possibility of her son being an autistic hence she will head that direction towards ‘healing’ her son, instead of addressing her own guilt which is the cause of her whole experience. If she was to question her guilt and her belief system, she will surely be led to see the illusion camouflaging the reality thus dissolving the illusion itself. In that space of clarity and peace, the innate nature surfaces, and that is reality.

Not that there is nothing to do for the child. But what I am trying to imply here is that there is a high possibility that the child is not at all sick but the very fact of her holding on to her guilt and not addressing it, is thus moulding that reality for her that her child needs help and needs to be fixed by her. That is her experience of unpleasantness.

There is a difference in our realities since our realities are coloured by our perceptions. If I have a perception that my kid is sick, and I need to find all ways to take care of my kid – what will my experience be? And if I have a perception that my kid is fine, and that I am taking care of my kid because I simply love to, as in loving to nurture him, loving to teach him, loving to be in his company – what will my experience be? And if I am able to dictate my reality, as in my experience of it, isn’t it already a hint that my reality is indeed an illusion since illusion is defined as the condition of being deceived by a false perception or belief and reality is to mean what exists objectively and in fact or the quality or state of being actual or true; both defined by the freedictionary.com.

Most of the time, we only see and hear what we are coloured to see and hear by the mind and seldom do we question the truth of our realities or to truly see and hear what really is.

Reality is what it is. It is not the storyline, but beyond the storylines where we are only able to relate to when all concepts have been questioned, and dropped; when the personality can move aside. But until we are willing to question, and undo the concepts and ideas in the mind, we will continuously experience these illusions as our realities when they are in truth, really just layers of the illusion blinding reality.

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