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What is the point of giving when what is given is not received? Hence, what is the difference of whom it is given, when it is you who have received? Would the information or sharing benefit you any less if it was not for you? But if you have been uplifted through the information or sharing, then can you say that the giving was not given you?

Recently, a participant I was working with repeatedly expressed her gratitude as she has gained much from what I shared with her during our alone and group discussions. There was this particular day where she wrote me an email thanking me for a sharing I did some previous nights ago on a certain topic. She also shared in her email that she had a thought that I did it for her since I was working with her on her issue individually hence a perception of giving. Wisely, she soon realised that the very topic was common, and that it was not specifically targeted at her but to everybody on the floor. Although it seemed as if that was what I was doing at that point in time as in sharing a common topic with a group of people, but whoever the information or sharing is received which is beyond my control, then the information or sharing is specifically given them. So it is not to say that it is not for her – for even if I had did it for her, and she had not receive it, then my giving would have been redundant; but if she has benefited from the sharing, thus receiving at her end, then the giving was specifically just for her. Isn’t it obvious? Who is the one understanding?

Of course, I am not undermining her expression of gratitude, but it is more true is say that her capability to understand what I had shared was truly her own doing. The giving is not a giving when it has not been received; yet the giving and receiving is complete within oneself when it is recognised that it is he or she herself who was giving and receiving – to him or herself.

You see, the moment I have received, I have given myself and the cycle is thus completed.

Not that there is no need to be grateful, but be grateful to yourself instead for whatever that is received, is your entitlement.

If there arises a need to express to another, a simple ‘thank you’ will do. 🙂

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