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One Last Cry

A song came into my awareness today. I think I must have heard it quite many times as this song has been in my iPhone for quite some time yet it did not catch my attention until today. It was a love song with meanings of a man, who sang of his letting go of his beloved after having one last cry. In my understanding, he was now willing to let go of the lie that was going on in his head that his beloved should not have left him to be with another after having experienced the effects of wallowing in self-pity. Yet in this song, this wise man (I will call him wise because he decides to wake up) realised that he has indeed given his best, and there was nothing left for him to do, but to have just one last cry. The cry, the one last cry, really serves its role as a completion to the mind ā€“ that it ends now.

No doubt that there may be remnants or residuals left of sadness and grief having lost the companionship of a beloved, but I am sure the last cry, which is symbolic of a completion in the mind with the willingness to let go, would have brought some kind of relief to him.

So, it is the completion or the letting go that has finally brought him relief, or if possible even peace?

Some may argue it is both, but in truth there are both already effects. Now, those who have been in the spiritual journey for a while would have understood that there is no way that we can let go of anything. It lets go of us when it is meant with full acceptance and understanding. Obviously, in this case, it is a very deep holding on thus even when there was some bit of realisations, there was still pain though deduced pretty substantially to the point of clarity to see that there was no point in holding on. Why I call it some bits of realisations is because if it was a full realisation, there would not be a cry, but a hearty laugh. Having said that, since we all like storylines, especially one with a beginning and an ending, this guy will have to end with one last cry as a hearty laugh would have ended the story unexpectedly and abruptly. There is just no more storyline to continue, you see. The story would have been left hanging, and I am sure many will agree how they dislike that kind of conclusion to a movie.

So realisations brings this man back to some bits of the cause of his pain and there, with wisdom touching him, in addition to his valuing his own peace of mind, he makes an intent to let go which is a cause to the effect of the last cry as a means of completion, at the same time, also already an effect of the cause of intent of valuing his own peace. Thus to say that the completion or the letting go has finally brought him to peace is true, and not entirely true too. But then again, we can never know if he truly experienced peace after the last cry until he writes another song in sequence to this song!

The last cry, is merely an act of completion, an already sown effect from a cause deriving from certain ideas culminated to arrive at such an act. The act, which can be any act at all, is only symbolic of what is in the mind hence being acted out in a storyline, as in to be physicalised in form. Clearly, there is no right or wrong in a completion. Just as saying ā€“ I am sorry, or thank you. It is just an expression, whether in words, in tears, in cash or what have you to bring an end to the storyline in the mind.

Realisations set the mind free, thus we become free since we are most of the time so identified with the mind. So do you see how it is just a story in the mind, and we think that it is us? Yet, without being identified with it, how else can it be experienced such beauty of emotions, such storylines? Yet, all are but storylines. And in a storyline, all are but ideas. To be able to see this, is to enjoy the movie, but not get caught up by it.

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