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Have you ever experienced, when you day dream about something, laugh about it simply contented in the arising feelings with the day dream and in some way, they manifest into reality? You might disagree as the experience may differ from the details of the day dream, but let’s look at the essence of the day dream and the experience. It will be exactly the same unless we are oblivious to the essence of the experience.

I recall a few memories where I merely day dreamed, simply enjoying the experience of the day dream and soon, it manifested into reality as my experience. A vivid experience that I cherished was that I was in Hong Kong, sitting in the subway train where there were multiple advertisements of my idol. I was absolutely crazy about him, and I smiled to myself, daydreaming how nice it would be if I will be able to be in his presence, to talk to him. Each time his picture appeared, my heart just swelled with so much appreciation. Now, I said I day dream that it’d be nice, not really bothered if it’d happen as what are the chances of my being his presence in close proximity when I am hardly one who is active in this field of idol-worshipping/following arena. I don’t know anything about him. I have never met or known him. I only know that I like my idea of him, the qualities that I perceived or imagine he might have, which I am unsure if he really has that. But the thing is, it doesn’t really matter. I was just full of appreciation.

A month later, a friend abruptly called me asked if I would like to attend my idol’s fan club gathering. To be honest, I am not really into all these as what is the point when all others are hovering? But I went to the concert before the gathering anyway, to ‘support’. I was surprised to feel appreciative and contented just to be within the same stadium arena with him as he stepped onto the stage. It is like, instead of experiencing him in the tube, he became alive! I remember feeling so awed about the whole experience. And soon after the concert was the gathering. I sat in a place, not too near and not too far from the place where we were informed that he’d be sitting. So I didn’t think much about being in close proximity with him. Little did I know, when he arrived, he sat right in front of me – almost face to face where I could see and appreciate him clearly within my vision without having to even try. I was just where I wanted to sit, not compromising my own position to be near him and yet he ‘came’ into my awareness, right in front of me. My friend who was with me kept nudging me to ask him questions, talk to him… but I was simply contented being his presence, as if a conversation was not needed. I remember feeling overwhelmed for a few days after that.

What happened in my experience did not equate what I had day dreamed but, the essence was the same – that is, to be in his presence. It was the most wonderful gift I had given to myself. Hence I began to understand that a wish can turn to reality as what we intent is what will come into our space. But if we are hung up with how it will happen, when it will happen, where it will happen, we limit ourselves with all these conditions hence disappointment will be what we experience. The wish was just to be in his presence, and as I let it go, though unconsciously, just appreciating the experience of day dreaming, it manifested into reality without any conditions that I had posted on it. It came to me as a surprise.

My teacher reminded me that what we think, happens; just that we are oblivious to it, not aware of it happening within our awareness hence we go on thinking that it does not happen, it will never happen thus confirming how unworthy we are of receiving. The thing is we receive whatever we think, intent, or wish. Only when it has happened otherwise, then we can investigate the underlying attitude of wanting it. He reminded me, if we need someone or something it implies a lack, hence what we ask will never come as it comes from an intent to fulfil the lack and hence lack is the essence, only calling forth lack as experience. But the wish for experience, simply without conditions, without expectations – as in, whether it happens or not, it does not affect our well-being – the result of it is joy. But when that happens, and because we so enjoy the experience which then results in our clinging on to the experience, which then becomes a need and need implies a lack, you can be sure though consciously that is not what you want, subconsciously that is exactly what you want.

So day dream as much as you wish and see how the universe conspires to bring you what you wish, without conditions. Observe how the manifestation unfolds by enjoying each moment of the journey, instead of focusing on the destination. This is not about wanting or not wanting, as wanting or not wanting already implies a hanging on, a lack of something hence the holding on of another to supplement the lack. It doesn’t work that way.

This is the law of attraction. We can only attract what we are, without conditions.

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  1. Aaaahhh…the Law of Attraction….how true it is. When there is need, things just don’t happen but when there’s no expectations, things just falls into place.

    I need to daydream more. Miss you babes!!! Muaks!!!!

  2. GG says:

    So it looks like you will be seeing me soon. 🙂

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