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Spiritual Companionship

This term ‘spiritual companionship’ came into the awareness today. And I sat with it for a while. I wondered what it meant, what it truly meant. It sounds as if, there is someone there, who could be of a companion of some sort in the journey, as in one person, like a soul mate or a twin flame; like a partner – someone to walk the journey with together so that it is not so ‘lonely’.

Anyone who has been long enough in the journey would know by now how alone this journey can be. While many think that they are on the same boat, or wrapped in some morphic or auric field, strangely how I see it seems otherwise. Although I do not deny the possibilities of that, but what seems to will one’s faith or strength in the journey; at least, in my own experience; is not a person, or a group, although that can be an initial cause. After a while, all that has been mentioned have to be stripped away and the person is left alone in the pathless path.

Yes, there are friends, partners or even a spiritual family. When I looked deeper into all these, it was more of a sense of belonging, or at times, some kind of comfort accompanying that I am not alone. But that comfort itself is an illusion, for it serves as some form of floor that holds up the focus to continue the somewhat difficult journey. While many think that we are all in the same boat, I’d say that we are each on our own boat but heading the same way.

So I was told, that the Buddha said that good friends on a spiritual journey are important. Of course they are. In my own experience of good friends on a spiritual journey is that no story is taken personally and what I mean to say is that when what is meant to be learnt is learnt, the storyline ceases and resentment does not hold, save and unless still in an unconscious state. A friend was constantly expressing how comfortable she felt being in our company because we are conscious and we do not judge. What she does not know is that judgement is not our doing and is happening all the time – it is only whether we buy into it, or question it to bring the mind back to its balance. Judgement of any sorts, have never been directed outwards, although it seems like it. It always comes back to defining self, the very qualities that we like or dislike about ourselves.

My spiritual companion, and the one and only spiritual companion is my Beloved – the Holy Spirit, or rightfully put in A Course in Miracles, the Voice of God. The other day, whilst in a conversation with my partner, he expressed that I no longer love him. It was strange… my being in love with the Holy Spirit allowed me to love him wholly, without having to put him or me into the prison. Having said that, I cannot deny that there are still residual concepts but it is being slowly, gradually and with surety, being wiped away by the Holy Spirit. Perhaps, what my partner meant was that I no longer loved him with the conditions that I used to anymore.

The Holy Spirit is not a person, or a character but an inner voice. An inner voice that constantly clears the way by showing me what I had misperceived as truth. I am a lover of Truth, even though it may mean that what I thought was right, was indeed wrong and the consequences may at times lead to occasional embarrassment and resent towards self. Yet, as gentle as nature, He shows me again… the innocence that resides in all.

This reminds me of a time when I asked one of my teachers this question. I asked him, since so many went to him, and he provided support and teachings to all, who does he go to in time of his own need? Although he did not give me a direct answer, he shared with me a story of a student who once asked his teacher of the same. The teacher told his student, that during times of his own needs for clarity, it is the Dharma that he turns to. That to me, must have been his spiritual companion. Much like my teacher. Much like myself, right now; though the Holy Spirit can at times turn up through a form. J

Of course, I am not implying that we no longer need teachers, friends, partners or a spiritual family, but ‘need’ itself is a sinful word although it seems necessary in the beginning journey. There is no ‘need’, but a wilful choice to learn from each other and to grow together towards the same path of liberation.

To hold up for others, is to continuously take responsibility for what arises in our space, and in the integrity of correcting the errs once made in our perception, others are then free. This again, is only happening within my space and I can never know if it is the same for others.

As the nature of this journey is such – each of its own. How else can it be? And blessed am I, to have Him walk with me.

3 Responses to “Spiritual Companionship”

  1. Alina Grace says:

    Each of us are indeed in our own individual journey. Just like you said, all in our own little boats but heading towards the same direction towards consciousness. Sometimes, a lonely one I must say but we can actually tie a string to each other’s boats and still share this journey together.

    Hahahahaha….it’s just me trying to think outside the box.

    I guess when we’re in need of some clarity, there are indeed many we can turn to….our Higher Self….for me; it’s you as well…..

  2. Hor Tuck Loon says:

    Be your own island, having the dharma as your refuge – i like this statement much as it shows we can only be our own light having the dharma as a guide. “Happy dreams” are just fringe benefit – with or without it, finding joy in aloneness is our constant companion.

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