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Clear & Unclear Mind

When the mind is clear, it knows what to do, even during the times when nothing needs to be done. It can sit there and stare into space, or get the butt moving and start to wash the dishes, or even to pick up the dry leaves on the grass. It can go to the market, picking out green leaves for dinner, or even go to the store to look out for decorative items to beautify the home and it can be doing or not doing anything – it is clear, still and peaceful.

But what sets it from being clear, even in the midst of performing all these duties is when it is confused. It is confused with all the meanings being put into the act – the reasons, the seasons, the obligations, the duties. It does not stop one moment, until it remembers to ask – why. And that why brings it back to its balance, provided the conditioning permits, provided there was prior groundwork, provided there is a deep desire of returning home to its balance. In that balance, all is well, even when the feet are swarmed with dirt, the head is filled with sweat, even when dust is everywhere, it smiles… reflecting the state of mind, its state of acceptance, of accepting what is.

It does not argue within itself how conflicting ideas are, it does not debate how meaningful or meaningless the task or whatever that arises is – it understands, all are conditionings – even when it says yes, even when it says no. It does not see the righteousness, it does not see the wrongness, it does not perceive what is evil and cannot even recognise what is pure. For to recognise either, is to imply there is another; and there is no other, when it is clear, balanced and still. All is good, not as the opposite of bad, but in the goodness that encompasses all.  

Where are the shoulds and the should nots? Where are the rights and the wrongs? They are all in the mind, all in a confused and bewildered mind. Perplexed not because of anything else but only caught in a web of disorder, failing to recognise that everything is already in place and that there is nothing to do, or nothing not to do.

Yet this state cannot be mimicked, or even thrived towards except to mould conditions towards it, as in to start its pathway towards it. There is no good will, or ill will but only one, which does not seem to have a preference. How ironic yet true. What needs or needs not be done will be done and not done – and what comes after that is dependent on the state of a clear or unclear mind.

Nothing right or wrong about either if the watching is just watching. If the watching becomes the experience, then it is no longer watching, but experiencing. If the experiencing is prolonged, forgotten that it is just a dream, then it has fallen asleep until the next moment of awakening.

Anything wrong with sleeping? Nothing, nothing at all. Happy dream, scary dream, angry dream, sad dream… all no difference but only a dream. Only when asleep, the dream is just so darn real!

So when mind is clear, no problem in experiencing a clear experience. When mind is unclear, it is also a clear experiencing of an unclear experience. No problem either or, only thing is – are you aware at all?

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  1. I guess ultimately regardless it a clear or unclear mind, it is that we are aware of it and not become attached to it.

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