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Tanjung Rambutan, anyone?

Two years ago, a friend and I were facilitating this free movie session where the lead role was put into an asylum where he actually led some patients back to sanity. After that movie, my friend wrote on the white board, ‘Insanity is just a shift of perception’.

At that point of my maturity, of course I could not relate to it. But today, it is obvious. Many people have come up to me and expressed how different I view the world these days, and I could not disagree with them. So the other day, a beloved friend called and asked me how my Chinese New Year has been so far, and I blurted, “meaningless”. He chuckled and assured me, “crazy is just a number”. How true. And we are still outnumbered at this junction! Haha!

Together with a few friends on the journey, it is inevitable that our perception of the world and towards ourselves have shifted; and for that, it can be somewhat hard to ‘blend’ fully into the norms of the world though through conversations, I realise that more and more people are rising up to the kind of perception that is more liberating than binding, except for another sort of perception that seems to tie them to the ‘no choice’ factor.

Many times, I have found that the conversations I have with someone of the world and someone in the journey is somewhat different. Not that people in the journey are not of the world, what I do mean here is these people continuously question the concepts of nearly everything in life and discover how bogus they themselves, or rather the mind is, thus the whole world!

So we have been named crazy. No doubt about it. To the point where people feel uncomfortable around us, at least that is true in my case since the exact has been expressed to me. So my beloved friend calls himself the sot-sot one, and now the Destroyer and I constantly joke citing that it is time to reserve a room at the Tanjung Rambutan!

The world calls us insane because they think they are sane. And I am not saying that they are not. Perhaps at this juncture, we are insane and the world is sane; but imagine when majority of the world starts to become insane like us, then would that in turn make us sane and the rest of the world insane already? It is such a joke when you look at it. We are insane and crazy because we seem to be opposing the norms of the world! And because we do not want to be seen as insane and crazy, we ‘blend’ in anyway into the world!

One of my teachers told me once, that the world is not ready for certain ideas. He reminds me that eventhough I might think there is nothing wrong with walking naked in the streets, it doesn’t mean that I will not get caught and be put in jail. But then again, what is wrong with being put in jail? Of course, that is not the point here. 🙂

This entry reminds me of a poem I once wrote – Insanity. And I encourage you to invite yourself to question your own belief systems, concepts instead of labelling others as crazy, or insane. There is no craziness, or insanity – all are just differing perspectives, different angles to the same box – that’s all. Hopefully, there comes to a point in time where the box can be seen as it is, instead of just its angles. Then perhaps, there will be no more need for asylums.

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