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Finding Home

The mind, as how a kindred spirit puts it is like a frog’s tongue, spitting out of the month continuously, to stick on any bug; or thing, in the mind’s case; to put it in its mouth. It is constantly contacting something, as in anything that is outside of itself in search for something.

Not that it’s a bad thing. It is just its nature, as in wanting to fulfil itself hence seeking becomes part of the mind’s sub-nature. At the initial journey, it is constantly seeking out, until it is trained otherwise. When I say that it is sub-nature, it is to mean that it is something that is conditioned due to ignorance, of not knowing any better. And since there is no other inception of ideas and or no right understanding of how or what it is actually seeking for, hence it does what it knows best, constantly trying its best to get something the only way it knows how. You see, because it thinks it knows.

Through a long period of consistently hitting against the prison wall it has made for itself, and when it sees no way out, it gets hopeless and goes into a depression, to the extreme where thoughts of resignation or suicide crop up.

Until it is motivated, encouraged or invited to see another way out, and that too, has to be accompanied by the quality of willingness, it begins to open up to a whole new world of possibilities.

The opening up is in progression as opposed to an instant one. So it is vital to be patient with the whole process of it, rather than carrying a fix-it-quick attitude. Its speed of progression is again dependent on other qualities such as acknowledgement of its errs, taking responsibility of them, taking integrity to correct errs; which ultimately leads to the right conditions to arrive at its openness. Grace, gratitude, love, peace, compassion, gentleness and some other favourable qualities cannot be produced naturally instantly but through the right understanding which can only arrive due to favourable conditionings; all of which are causes to the mentioned effects. It is appropriate to conclude that it is the arising wisdom from the culmination of qualities, as in conditions, for realisations to be its results in such openness.

So what is the mind seeking for? A home. And because it has been trained to find a home outside of itself, hence the need for other people or material things become a manta to it, so to speak.

The mind has to be trained to turn the radar inwards, as in to bring its awareness from the outside to the inside; together with qualities to be cultivated such as taking responsibility, inquisitiveness and integrity. All others will follow. These are moulding the mind’s conditioning towards truth, wisdom and thereby freedom.

How it achieves or realises liberation is when it finds out the truth; the truth where the answer that it seeks outside of itself has always been within. It finds itself a home within itself and it settles down.

A mind which realises its Home has always been within is home everywhere, with anyone. It becomes complete within itself because it realises that there is nowhere else to go and where it has always wanted to go has always been here, within. It ceases to become needy, or to seek love, approval and appreciation outside of itself. It is contented by itself, welcoming anything that it meets along the way.

And that is what it means, by coming home.

That is what it means by the saying, “I am Home.”

And since the mind is like a child, with us experiencing through it; it becomes our responsibility to mould the mind towards such conditionings if we are to live a better, peaceful and loving life. So, when experiences crop up and we are not liking it, there is nothing personal about it. It is just time to do your job – to observe and investigate in order for understanding to surface.

Some people say that life will turn out to be “boring” when we see the truth to life. It is far from it. It truly becomes a beautiful life, because therein lies a beautiful and complete mind, which is home within itself.

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